Zaky Aulia Fighting for Education Behind Bars

Zaky Aulia Fighting for Education Behind Bars – Becoming a teacher initially was never aspired to by a Zaky Aulia. However, this 20-year-old girl was even addicted to teaching, after she became a teacher for hundreds of prison residents.

Zaky Aulia Fighting

In fact, Zaky Aulia does not get paid for work as an English teacher. But from there, he found his own satisfaction and because it could be useful by fighting for education for people who are serving sentences for criminal acts.

For Zaky Aulia, everyone has the right and needs education, especially for people who have limitations. Zaky Aulia Fighting

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to teach at all, there was no intention at all to teach and I didn’t want to also go into the world of teaching. But, because I think people need education, especially for people who are less able, people who presumably haven’t gotten education, I haven’t been able to get an education yet, and I have it, so what’s wrong with sharing, “said Zaky Aulia, met recently.

It all started when Zaky Aulia was an apprentice at the Tangerang Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM). Zaky who was initially assigned to take care of the foundation was then given the confidence to teach male prisoners in the age range of 19-50 years in Tangerang City Youth Prison.

Zaky Aulia Fighting

Zaky is believed to teach English to his students three times a week. He also used this opportunity to educate people out there about what life in prison is like. poker online makassar

“My impression while teaching there is honestly happy, because I can have the opportunity to feel the thrill of teaching in prison, and see the actual prison situation. think about, “he said.

As a teenager, Zaky Aulia also claimed to be a hobby of making short video content on Likee. Initially just to relieve stress. But who would have thought, his followers reached 281,000 with the account @ Zakyaull.

Zaky Aulia then saw Likee as an appropriate platform to provide education in various fields. I am designing a concept for learning English together, together (at Likee). I still haven’t thought about such a cool concept now, so hopefully I can quickly think of ideas that can really invite people to want to learn, that’s hope for me, “Zaky said.

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