Yudian Wahyudi Clarifies Words That Become Polemics

The head of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP), Yudian Wahyudi, is currently in the public spotlight regarding his statement about religion being the greatest enemy of Pancasila.

Yudian Wahyudi

Yudian Wahyudi Clarifies Words That Become Polemics

Yudian also clarified the matter of his statement. According to Yudian, the explanation in question is not the religion as a whole, but those who contrast religion with Pancasila. Because, according to him, in terms of sources and objectives, Pancasila is religious or religious.

“Because the five precepts can be found easily in the six religious scriptures that have been recognized constitutionally by the Republic of Indonesia,” said the Chancellor of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Wednesday (02/12/2020). ceme online

Therefore, according to Yudian, Pancasila is a pillar. To do so requires loyalty or other secular languages, but not secularism. Then it requires time, actors, budget, and also planning.

“Give our example, we want to realize the unity of Indonesia. We look for who the committee is, when the place is, what the budget is like, what the event is, the name of human and human affairs here means Indonesian people,” explained Yudian.

It’s just that in this relationship tensions often occur. There are minority groups who claim majority and they bang. So this is what Yudian meant, as ‘the religion of enemies of the Pancasila’.

“If they are not good at managing the behavior of these religions, they will become the biggest enemies. Why? Because everyone is a religion, whose religion is read when Islam meets, who is Islam, that’s what I mean,” said Yudian.

That way, Yudian argues, the relationship between Pancasila and religion must be managed properly. As for those who must refrain and who must realize themselves, namely the majority.

“So I want to emphasize that Pancasila is not a thogut, Pancasila if our language is Islamic. Because it is all in the Koran and also Hadiths. What I mean is enemies of religion from within religion,” he said.

Furthermore, Yudian explained, what he criticized was religious people who use religion on behalf of the majority, but in fact they are a minority. They clashed with the religion they claimed with Pancasila. If this is left alone, religion will be the biggest enemy. “Then we must be able to manage religious relations with Pancasila well,” Yudian said.

Furthermore, Yudian also criticized the news related to himself about the religion of the greatest enemy of Pancasila. According to Yudian, the news was not complete, or something was cut. In fact, the title is as arbitrary as possible.

However, if the video is quoted in full, said Yudian, the public will understand if the title of the news is out of context.

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