Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method – The death toll from the corona virus outbreak in China’s Hubei Province again set a daily record on Thursday (12/2). The figure is 242, bringing the total number of deaths in the province to 1,310, the provincial health commission said.

The latest figure has doubled from the previous daily record on Monday (10/2), which is 103 deaths. The number of new sufferers in Hubei, the center of the Covid-19 virus outbreak also rose by 14,840 people when the health commission said the adoption had begun to include people diagnosed through new clinical methods implemented since Thursday.

The Commission said it had revised old data and suspected cases. The most recent deaths include more than 100 cases diagnosed clinically.

State media reported last week that Hubei would begin recognizing the results of a tomographic scan via computer to confirm the infection. The move allows the hospital to more quickly isolate patients.

Reuters last month reported that the limited RNA test equipment in the capital city of Hubei Province, Wuhan, may have delayed patients from undergoing a diagnosis and getting proper treatment. Thus contributing to the spread of the virus in the first few days of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The total number of corona virus cases in Hubei Province has now reached 48,206, according to commission data, quoted from Reuters.

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method

The Huberi Health Commission said in a statement, quoted from the SCMP, that it had changed the diagnostic criteria used to confirm corona cases. Changes in diagnosis have been made since Thursday (12/2), which means doctors now have wider discretion to determine which patients have been infected.

From now on, we will enter the number of patients diagnosed clinically into the confirmed number of patients, so patients can be treated immediately, said a health official. Previously, patients could only be diagnosed with test kits whose supplies were running low in China.

Hubei previously only allowed confirmation of infection with an RNA test which could take days to process and delay treatment. This RNA or ribonucleic acid carries genetic information that allows identification of organisms such as viruses.

Using a new methodology such as CT scan will reveal lung infections to help patients receive treatment as soon as possible. This method can also increase the chance for greater recovery.

Health expert Tong Zhaohui said the move was in line with the latest guidelines issued by the National Health Commission to include clinical diagnoses, using CT scans and other tests. When doctors diagnose pneumonia, they only get a 20-30 percent etiology of the disease. We have to rely on a clinical diagnosis of 70-80 percent. Increasing cases of clinical diagnosis will help us determine the condition of the disease, he said.

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method. Chinese political specialist at the School of Global Policy & Strategy at UC San Diego, Victor Shih, said the sudden jump in new cases raised questions about China’s commitment to transparency. Adjusting the data today proves beyond doubt that they already have double-digit numbers to be confirmed infected so far, he said.

Shih said, if that was not the case, the government might not have added so many new cases in one day. A very disturbing aspect of the new number today is that the majority of new cases have occurred in Wuhan, but what if the rest of Hubei Province still does not adjust their reporting methods? he said, quoted by Reuters.

China seems to be trying to convince the world of its ability to handle the spread of corona. Chinese President Xi Jinping called President Joko Widodo on Tuesday (11/2), expressing his belief in being able to fight against corona.

Xi expressed his appreciation for the trust and understanding of Indonesia as a friendly country. Xi was quoted as saying by the local official media, as fellow developing countries, China and Indonesia, must join hands to assume joint responsibility for achieving new progress. Link Bandar Ceme

According to the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), it is ready to continue traditional friendships with Indonesia, continue to deepen the synergy of the development strategies of both parties, and implement major projects within the framework of the Road Belt Initiative (BRI), especially the Jakarta rapid train project -Bandung.

Xi stressed that his party was now prioritizing the fight against the epidemic by igniting the enthusiasm of its people in preventing and controlling epidemics, taking preventative measures in a rigorous manner, and thoroughly to get positive results.

President Jokowi on behalf of the government and people of Indonesia expressed his sympathy to the government and the people of China in overcoming the plague. According to him, Indonesia has provided medical assistance to China and will continue to offer assistance needed by the Chinese side.

Overall data noted, there have been 60 thousand positive cases of corona. The data is taken from the number of sufferers worldwide, with only 59,539 sufferers in mainland China. Of the total sufferers, 5,680 of them were declared to have recovered.

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