Strict Rules of Prohibition of Homecoming

Strict Rules of Prohibition of Homecoming – Decision President Joko Widodo banned the Lebaran homecoming this year from a strict need. Prohibiting going home without making and enforcing the rules will only make the ban like an appeal. The prohibition also needs to apply not only to prospective travelers from Jakarta and surrounding areas, but also from other cities that are included in the Covid-19 red zone.

According to the government, this homecoming ban will be implemented starting April 24, 2020 and there will be sanctions for violators. Only, the new sanctions will take effect as of May 7, 2020. If so, this rule is actually ambiguous because it means the ban on going home is not effective before May 7. It is possible for potential travelers to flock before that date and bring the corona virus to their hometown. Therefore, the government must move quickly to curb the pace of travelers before May 7 by making a number of restrictions.

Strict Rules of Prohibition of Homecoming

Those who intend to go home are still quite a lot. Based on a survey of the Ministry of Transportation, residents who decided not to go home this year reached 68 percent, while those who insisted on going home were around 24 percent, and the rest had gone home. If the number of travelers from Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi reaches almost 15 million as of 2019, the 24 percent of people who want to go home is not a small amount.

Restrictions can be in the form of guarding the toll booths exiting Jakarta and the harbor crossings. It could also reduce train travel schedules out of town or limit passengers on planes. Of course, officers at these posts must make sure that the person who is going to travel does not have Covid-19.

The government must learn from the ineffective application of large-scale social restrictions in the Greater Jakarta area. The indications are, among other things, that there is still a crowd. Residents who do not wear masks when outside the home are still many. At the train station, people also jostle when waiting in line. Some companies also do not obey the rules to dismiss their employees. Poker Online Jakarta

As a result, the corona case curve in Jakarta has not declined even though social restrictions have been imposed since April 10. According to the latest data, until Tuesday afternoon, April 21, 2020, from the number of 7,135 positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, 3,729 of them were in Jakarta, with the death toll reaching 305. The rising numbers indicate that the government does not apply strict social restrictions .

After banning going home, the government also needs to improve the management of social assistance so that those who are prevented from returning to their villages can continue to provide for their lives – even if they carry a sign of the inhabitants of their area of origin. This is important, because some people lose their livelihood overseas as a result of a pandemic. Thus, the urge to go home is getting smaller.

Every citizen should realize that the prohibition of going home is to prevent a greater danger, namely the uncontrolled transmission of the corona virus. The movement of people from the epicenter of the plague was as large as spreading pagbukuk throughout the country. Imagine the terrible tragedy that will happen if we insist on going home.

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