Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor, Depok, Bekasi to Join Jakarta PSBB

Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor, Depok, Bekasi to Join Jakarta PSBB – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil proposed that the Bogor, Depok and Bekasi areas be included in the DKI Jakarta Cluster in the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) which had just been approved by the Indonesian Minister of Health.

The proposal was submitted, bearing in mind the area is adjacent to the DKI Jakarta area.

Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor

This was conveyed in a report on the video conference of the Inter-Provincial Coordination Meeting Concerning Monitoring of the Co-19 Pandemic Handling Handling with Vice President Maruf Amin from the Pakuan Building in the City of Bandung, Tuesday (7/4/2020) night.

Ridwan Kamil revealed that the PSBB that had already been enacted in DKI Jakarta needed to also cover all areas in Bodebek, because 70 percent of the Covid-19 distribution nationally was in the Greater Jakarta area.

For this reason, his party proposes that the name is not DKI Jakarta Cluster but Jabodetabek Cluster. Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor

“Nearly 70 percent of Covid-19 distribution is in Jabodetabek. This indicates everything is centered in the cluster. So my suggestion, just specify what has been set in DKI Jakarta for Bogor Cities, Bekasi City and Bekasi and Depok City,” Emil said. , greeting Ridwan Kamil.

According to Emil, the many positive cases in the Greater Jakarta area plus Greater Bandung strengthened the indication that the Covid-19 distribution pattern was urban in nature.

“The more cities there are, the more (to) districts the fewer cases,” Emil said. cara menang bandar ceme

Emil said, if only DKI Jakarta implemented the PSBB the results would not be significant because the mobilization of residents from the Bodebek area to Jakarta was fairly high. After all, if the nomenclature is clustered, it can no longer think about the administrative area of ​​government.

“We can no longer think of regional administration. I propose that the Ministry of Health take the initiative together with the Head of the Task Force, that the PSBB’s decision should not be in one area only if its affairs are in the Jabodetabek cluster.”

“It was determined by the Task Force that was then proposed to the President, that the PSBB was all equated to a radius of density,” Emil continued.

The consequence, said Emil, there is no more mobilization of people between regions in Jabodetabek, except for the movement for the distribution of people’s needs.

“If it is made as a decision today or tomorrow, then all at once there will be no more movements in the Greater Jakarta area.”

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