Positive Deputy Covid, Mayor of Bandung Asked ASN and Journalists to Test

Positive Deputy Covid, Mayor of Bandung Asked ASN and Journalists to Test – Bandung Mayor Oded M Danial asked a number of people who had been in contact with Bandung Deputy Mayor Yana Mulyana to immediately take the Covid-19 test. This relates to Yana’s positive status of Covid-19.

Positive Deputy Covid

“I order members who stick to the deputy pack such as aide, patwal, driver, protocol, public relations and including reporters for the Covid-19 test. In addition it also must immediately self-isolation,” said Oded in Pendapa City of Bandung on Tuesday (24/3 / 2020).

According to Oded, it was intended that the spread of the Corona Virus be immediately known. Thus, the next treatment steps can be taken.

“I myself have carried out the Covid-19 test,” he said.

As is known, Yana Mulyana has confirmed that he was positive infected with Covid-19. Through the social media account Instagram @kangyanamulyana, Yana said she had isolated herself. referral

Until now, Bandung City Government is collecting a number of journalists who have covered the activities of Deputy Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana. The city administration is trying to get journalists to take the Covid-19 test.

To note, through his social media account, Deputy Mayor of Bandung, Yana Mulyana, has confirmed positive exposure to the corona virus or covid-19.

The video was uploaded, on the @kangyanamulyana account, on Sunday (3/23/2020). In the video, Yana is seen wearing a mask and wearing a green shirt.

“I am Yana Mulyana, Deputy Mayor of Bandung, I am stated positive of Covid-19 corona,” Yana said in the video.

In the upload too, Yana claimed to have done the Corona test a few days back. At the moment he is isolating himself in treatment, Yana’s location is unknown.

“After experiencing a fever and having taken the Covid-19 corona test a few days ago I therefore performed isolation and God willing, pray for all,” Yana said.

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