The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund – The 2019 Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) outbreak has paralyzed the economy. The Government responded by issuing Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 1 of 2020 concerning State Financial Policy and Financial System Stability for Handling Covid-19 Pandemic. With this regulation, the government will make various budget adjustments and shift it to the handling of the epidemic.

Sources of funding used include the remaining excess budget (SAL), endowment funds and the accumulation of endowment funds for education, funds controlled by the state, funds in public service entities, as well as funds originating from reducing state capital participation in state-owned enterprises (BUMN). The government will also issue state debt securities and / or state sharia securities to be purchased by Bank Indonesia, SOEs, corporate investors and retail investors. The government will also determine the sources of budget financing from domestic and foreign sources.

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund

The government should relocate a portion of the infrastructure budget to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic as stated in the 2020 State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) of Rp 419.2 trillion. When compared to the infrastructure budget, the endowment and the accumulation of endowment funds for education are only about half, which is Rp. 60 trillion.

The government should not use education endowment funds to overcome the pandemic. Education is one of the factors driving economic growth (Chapman and Withers, 2002; Barro, 1991; Lucas, 1988). Education will increase the number and quality of the workforce so that productivity will also increase.

The issuance of state debt must also be watched out, bearing in mind the total public debt in 2019 of Rp 9,818.54 trillion, consisting of central government debt of Rp 4,700.5 trillion, BUMN financial debt of Rp 4,125.04 trillion, and debt of non-sector SOEs finance of IDR 944.92 trillion (SUSPI Bank Indonesia, 2020). The issuance of debt securities means opening a widening deficit, which increases debt interest payments, extends the period of debt repayments, and narrows fiscal capacity. If the depreciation of the rupiah continues, this will raise the interest of government securities (SBN), so that the cost of attracting debt will increase. Scenarios for the purchase of SBN or equity participation by SOEs will burden SOE performance and the risk will increase.

Options other than debt that can be considered by the government is to reduce non-productive expenditure on goods expenditure items, especially for official travel, meetings and honorariums for activities. The use of other expenditure items is optimized to support the implementation of policies to anticipate changes in basic macroeconomic assumptions, to provide operational costs for institutions that do not yet have their own budget section codes, support food security, reserve funds for new employee salaries, natural disaster reserve funds, other reserve funds relating to staffing policies, supporting Indonesia’s membership in the United Nations Security Council (UN), and reserve funds for urgent needs.

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund. Some village funds and special allocation funds can be diverted to handle and mitigate the dissemination of Covid-19 at the village level. First, village funds are allocated through direct cash assistance to the poor in the village or workers affected by termination of employment and migration from cities to villages.

Second, village funds must also be allocated to productive matters to support food production, for example subsidized input goods (fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural equipment). Third, village funds can also be allocated to facilitate the distribution of food from the village to the city so that food supplies run smoothly, given that some food commodity prices in the city have gone up, even scarce. Poker Online Manado

Adjusting the income tax rate for domestic corporate taxpayers and permanent establishments is certainly another next challenge because the tax ratio will go down. So, in the next period, the tax ratio needs to be increased to finance the state budget because in this period it is clear that tax revenue and non-tax national income (PNBP) will decrease. Moreover, the tax ratio trend since 2008 continues to decline, from 13.31 in 2018 to 10.50 in 2018 (World Bank and Ministry of Finance, 2019). Continuing tax revenue requires new breakthroughs, such as providing tax incentives that are associated with subsidies or benefits that will be obtained if people pay taxes. The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund.

The authority of the Minister of Finance to provide customs facilities in the form of exemption or relief of import duties is expected to be utilized to facilitate food supply. Moreover, there is a risk of decreased ability to work (productivity) for work that is outdoor because of climate change and the risk of crop failure is greater (McKinsey Global Institute, 2020). In addition, this pandemic has the potential to reduce investment, hamper access to food, reduce production capacity in the food industry, and reduce food supply from abroad and hamper food distribution.

The smooth supply of food is very urgent to reduce the volatility of food prices which causes an increase in inflation, so that the speed of food imports from abroad and the smooth distribution of food are needed at this time. This authority is also expected to facilitate the importation of health infrastructure, bearing in mind that the supply of personal protective equipment, drugs, vitamins and other medical devices is still relatively lacking.

Zaky Aulia Fighting for Education Behind Bars

Zaky Aulia Fighting for Education Behind Bars – Becoming a teacher initially was never aspired to by a Zaky Aulia. However, this 20-year-old girl was even addicted to teaching, after she became a teacher for hundreds of prison residents.

Zaky Aulia Fighting

In fact, Zaky Aulia does not get paid for work as an English teacher. But from there, he found his own satisfaction and because it could be useful by fighting for education for people who are serving sentences for criminal acts.

For Zaky Aulia, everyone has the right and needs education, especially for people who have limitations. Zaky Aulia Fighting

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to teach at all, there was no intention at all to teach and I didn’t want to also go into the world of teaching. But, because I think people need education, especially for people who are less able, people who presumably haven’t gotten education, I haven’t been able to get an education yet, and I have it, so what’s wrong with sharing, “said Zaky Aulia, met recently.

It all started when Zaky Aulia was an apprentice at the Tangerang Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM). Zaky who was initially assigned to take care of the foundation was then given the confidence to teach male prisoners in the age range of 19-50 years in Tangerang City Youth Prison.

Zaky Aulia Fighting

Zaky is believed to teach English to his students three times a week. He also used this opportunity to educate people out there about what life in prison is like. poker online makassar

“My impression while teaching there is honestly happy, because I can have the opportunity to feel the thrill of teaching in prison, and see the actual prison situation. think about, “he said.

As a teenager, Zaky Aulia also claimed to be a hobby of making short video content on Likee. Initially just to relieve stress. But who would have thought, his followers reached 281,000 with the account @ Zakyaull.

Zaky Aulia then saw Likee as an appropriate platform to provide education in various fields. I am designing a concept for learning English together, together (at Likee). I still haven’t thought about such a cool concept now, so hopefully I can quickly think of ideas that can really invite people to want to learn, that’s hope for me, “Zaky said.

Herd Immunity is considered effective for Corona but there will be many casualties

Herd Immunity is considered effective for Corona but there will be many casualties – Herd Immunity is a way to ward off viruses by infecting most people or groups to enhance immunity to fight viruses.

Herd Immunity is considered effective for Corona but there will be many casualties

But unfortunately this is widely opposed by the world because it will cause many deaths during this process and not 100% effective to ward off this Corona Virus.

According to Melinda Gates the wife of Bill Gates said Herd Immunity is not effective for now in preventing or eradicating the corona virus.

Because according to him to achieve Herd Immunity requires a very long time and now humans are still very far to get there.

Then if it is implemented, there will be many fatalities if it is applied throughout the world.

Another thing he believes can effectively stop this Virus pandemic is the right vaccine for this Corona virus.

As previously known the humanitarian mission through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has now found an Ebola vaccine that has succeeded in saving the spread of the virus.

And they claim the fastest time to find a vaccine is 18 months after preclinical testing. He considered that time is the standard time for the discovery of a vaccine so far.

But Melinda also did not deny that Herd Immunity could stop Pandemic but with the risk of many people dying.

According to him the way to keep a distance or Physical Distancing, diligently washing hands, and wearing masks in public places is appropriate to prevent the spread to be wider until the Vaccine can be found.

For this reason, Indonesia itself has implemented several preventive measures taken by the government to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus Poker Online Pontianak.

Hopefully this Pandemic will end soon so that humans can quickly carry out activities normally as before.

7 Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Stress

7 Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Stress – Stress is often difficult for us to avoid, especially in uncertain situations such as a pandemic. If we don’t control it, stress will interfere with mood, relationships, sleep routines, even bodily functions.

Everyone has a different way of managing stress. If you haven’t found it yet, the following relaxation techniques might be tried for stress management.

Finding the most appropriate technique with us does require trial and error (trial and failure), but when you find the right technique you will feel much calmer. 7 Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Stress.

7 Relaxation Techniques to Overcome Stress

  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Plum Counseling and Wellness founder, Jessie Bohnenkamp, LPC, NCC, recommends trying progressive muscle relaxation techniques.

He explained, when feeling stressed, we often strain our body parts, which then sends signals to the brain that we are not safe and need to be alert to danger. Cara Bermain Poker

Lie down, or in a comfortable position, then start with your toes, focus on fully relaxing each muscle group or body part, slowly moving up to your body and then allowing all the tension to flow away, he told Popsugar.

  • Take A Deep Breath And Walk

If you feel stressed, try to leave the house for a walk while still paying attention to safety and keep a distance. Although a little but can help clear the mind. In addition to walking, focusing on slow deep breathing while reminding ourselves to repeat the breath also helps.

The writer and founder of Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A, Nekeshia Hammond, PsyD, suggests taking a deep breath when we feel panicked. This simple method can restore and revitalize one’s mood and energy level.

  • Contact Loved Ones

“Try contacting friends or people you normally contact when you are vulnerable and weak, let them give you calm and direction,” said counselor Louis Laves-Webb, LCSW, LPC-S.

Allow yourself to lean on the people you love and share the sufferings, insecurities and worries that are felt.

  • Do a “Scan” Of The Body

Stress often arises in various ways throughout our body, which is why stress management specialist Sandra Thébaud, PhD, suggests to do a body scan or scan whenever you feel stressed and need to relax

How to do it?

“Start with your head and lower your legs. If you feel tension, exhale and release tension. By consciously releasing tension from your body, you will be able to feel relaxation and rejuvenation immediately,” Dr. Thébaud.

Focus on the things you need to be thankful for because gratitude gives us perspective and makes us not think that our lives are full of suffering.

  • Relax And Rejuvenate Yourself

“If you feel something is wrong in your day or your stress level is high, rest for 10 to 15 minutes,” said Wellness IRL founder, Tasha Holland-Kornegay, PhD, LPC,

Find a place where we can relax to do something that makes you happy in that place. Then, do what you like. Whether it’s singing, reading, drinking coffee, or just staying quiet.

  • Stretch

Stretching is not only for runners or people who work out in the gym. Dr. Holland-Kornegay recommends stretching every day to help relieve stress and relax.

You don’t need a lot of time doing it and can just stand in the doorway and try stretching out to reach the side of the door frame. Hold for 90 seconds then release.

This simple exercise will fascinate the nervous system and increase your energy, Dr. Holland-Kornegay.

  • Talk About Yourself To Yourself

Talking to yourself may sound strange, but talking to (as if) a third person can be used to anticipate stressful, anxious events, or when dealing with something that has caused stress and anxiety in the past, such as rejection or failure.

Director of Michigan State University’s psychophysiology laboratory, Jason Moser, PhD, said, to speak for themselves, start by discussing events that stress you out to that “someone”.

When you use your own name, the brain switches to another mode as if you are talking to someone else. In short, what happens is that you create a psychological distance between yourself and the problem you are facing, he said.

If you are someone who considers current events as a challenge, Dr. Moser suggested trying meditation for 15 minutes.

The nice thing about meditation is that, like talking to yourself, it is very flexible and there are so many resources and online applications to guide you to meditate, he said.

Try to sit still for 15 minutes a few times a week, without distraction and pay attention to your breathing. That will help.

Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor, Depok, Bekasi to Join Jakarta PSBB

Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor, Depok, Bekasi to Join Jakarta PSBB – West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil proposed that the Bogor, Depok and Bekasi areas be included in the DKI Jakarta Cluster in the Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) which had just been approved by the Indonesian Minister of Health.

The proposal was submitted, bearing in mind the area is adjacent to the DKI Jakarta area.

Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor

This was conveyed in a report on the video conference of the Inter-Provincial Coordination Meeting Concerning Monitoring of the Co-19 Pandemic Handling Handling with Vice President Maruf Amin from the Pakuan Building in the City of Bandung, Tuesday (7/4/2020) night.

Ridwan Kamil revealed that the PSBB that had already been enacted in DKI Jakarta needed to also cover all areas in Bodebek, because 70 percent of the Covid-19 distribution nationally was in the Greater Jakarta area.

For this reason, his party proposes that the name is not DKI Jakarta Cluster but Jabodetabek Cluster. Ridwan Kamil Proposes Bogor

“Nearly 70 percent of Covid-19 distribution is in Jabodetabek. This indicates everything is centered in the cluster. So my suggestion, just specify what has been set in DKI Jakarta for Bogor Cities, Bekasi City and Bekasi and Depok City,” Emil said. , greeting Ridwan Kamil.

According to Emil, the many positive cases in the Greater Jakarta area plus Greater Bandung strengthened the indication that the Covid-19 distribution pattern was urban in nature.

“The more cities there are, the more (to) districts the fewer cases,” Emil said. cara menang bandar ceme

Emil said, if only DKI Jakarta implemented the PSBB the results would not be significant because the mobilization of residents from the Bodebek area to Jakarta was fairly high. After all, if the nomenclature is clustered, it can no longer think about the administrative area of ​​government.

“We can no longer think of regional administration. I propose that the Ministry of Health take the initiative together with the Head of the Task Force, that the PSBB’s decision should not be in one area only if its affairs are in the Jabodetabek cluster.”

“It was determined by the Task Force that was then proposed to the President, that the PSBB was all equated to a radius of density,” Emil continued.

The consequence, said Emil, there is no more mobilization of people between regions in Jabodetabek, except for the movement for the distribution of people’s needs.

“If it is made as a decision today or tomorrow, then all at once there will be no more movements in the Greater Jakarta area.”

What Chances Are You’ll Find At Mini Storage Auctions

What Chances Are You'll Find At Mini Storage Auctions

What Chances Are You’ll Find At Mini Storage Auctions – Would you like to begin getting cash with mini storage auctions? In that case, you could also be curious as to how the entire course of works.

What Chances Are You’ll Find At Mini Storage Auctions

When seeking to revenue from mini storage auctions, you place a bid. As for what you might be bidding on, it relies upon. You could bid on a sealed storage bin or an entire storage unit. Different firms host various kinds of auctions. To revenue, you’re taking the gadgets you purchased and resell them. Since you’re, primarily making a wholesale buy and paying one payment for a lot of objects, there may be the potential to generate income.

One frequent query requested is “how a lot cash can I make? The much less cash you spend, the extra you can also make. It additionally relies upon in your resale strategies, as some are extra profitable than others. Many use, flea markets, and yard gross sales to promote domestically. As for promoting on-line, many use What you purchase can even affect your income, as some objects are extra precious than others are.

Since what you purchase at a mini storage public sale might have an effect in your income, you could also be questioning what is obtainable on the market. It relies upon. People use mini storage items for a variety of functions. Some use them when consolidating two properties into one. Others use them to retailer family objects once they relocate to a smaller place. Storage items are additionally used to home gadgets that folks now not want, however nonetheless need to carry onto, comparable to household heirlooms or monetary paperwork.

Despite the potential of a variance, relying on the storage unit in query, there are some gadgets you’re possible to seek out at a mini storage public sale.

Furniture. Furniture is good as a result of it is simple to identify. Unfortunately, you don’t all the time get to see or examine merchandise up for bid, however furnishings could be seen from far away. Search for furnishings that’s antique in nature, because it price extra. With that mentioned, furnishings is one thing that folks want; due to this fact, it may be resold for a revenue.

Home décor. Home décor usually makes it method to mini storage models. Some homeowners change their décor on a yearly foundation, however could not wish to half with their outdated photos and paintings. Home décor may be antique or low-cost, however it would all the time resell.

Home appliances. Home appliances, equivalent to microwaves, dishwashers, blenders, and toasters might be discovered at mini storage auctions. As with the above talked about gadgets, these are thought of nice. Everyone wants these things of their properties. Because of this they may resell, particularly at a yard sale.

Children’s gadgets. It’s common to seek out kid’s clothes, books, and toys in a storage unit and at an public sale. It is because these are gadgets that children outgrow. As for why they’re saved, some dad and mom simply don’t wish to half with this stuff. Many hold onto them simply in case they resolve to have one other baby. Yard sale and eBay are common resell markets for kid’s toys, films, books, and clothes Game Zynga Poker.

The above talked about objects are only a few of the various that you could be discover at a mini storage public sale. In reality, you’ll find absolutely anything starting from antiques to jewellery to clothes to household images. The secret’s shopping for merchandise you could resell for a revenue.

Meghan and Harry Start a Non-Noble Life

Meghan and Harry Start a Non-Noble Life – When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would leave senior royal members early in the year, many people were very surprised. The topic then became a debate in the media and also the British public.

Questions about the couple’s life also surfaced. What will they do? How do they survive? And what are the comments of other royal members of the decision?

There were several incidents in the weeks after the announcement. However, the question began to be answered when on Monday (30/3) the pair issued a statement about their transition after leaving a senior member of the kingdom.

“Over the next few weeks or months, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex choose to focus on the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” the pair’s spokesman said.

However, we realize there are questions about the future beyond their transition, he continued.

The future in question includes no longer using the name “Sussex Royal” for non-profit organizations, websites, or Instagram accounts, starting March 31 which is the end of their term as members of the senior kingdom and starting their new lives. DominoQQ

Although no longer actively working as a member of the senior kingdom and representing the Queen, Prince Harry and Meghan remained members of the kingdom. There is no change to Prince Harry’s position on the succession list.

Support from Prince Charles

Behind the scenes, various agreements have been made between the couple and the royal family. One of them, Prince Charles, Harry’s father, will continue to provide financial support through his property business, the Duchy of Cornwall.

Harry and Meghan also still have their residence at Windsor Estate in England, even though they have to offer around 3 million dollars in lieu of renovation costs.

Some plans have also been made as a way for the couple to get income, for example by being a speaker, working with Disney, and several other projects.

Cancel Gathering Tomorrow, Persija Extends the Player’s Holiday

Cancel Gathering Tomorrow, Persija Extends the Player’s Holiday – The management of Persija Jakarta decided to extend the team’s vacation time. Initially, Marko Simic and his friends were scheduled to gather on Wednesday (1/4/2020).

Cancel Gathering Tomorrow

This is inseparable from the increasingly disturbing outbreaks of COVID-19. As a result of the virus originating from China, soccer competitions in Indonesia must be postponed until May 29.

In fact, the League 1 or League 2 season can be stopped completely if the government extends the corona virus emergency period that is May 29, 2020.

Therefore, in order to maintain the health and safety of all players and officials of Persija Jakarta, the management team nicknamed the Tigers Kemayoran decided to do an independent training alias from their respective homes.

Club president Mohamad Prapanca said this condition had been carefully considered by the Kemayoran tiger board of directors. According to him, the health condition of players and officials is the main thing.

“We have decided to postpone the training. This cannot be separated from the COVID-19 pandemic and PSSI’s decision to postpone League 1 2020. We hope that the outbreak will soon end and the team can get back together,” Mohamad Prapanca said in his official statement.

Cancel Gathering Tomorrow

Although not gathered in a team, Mohamad Prapanca guarantees the players’ condition will be maintained. A number of independent training materials have been prepared by Sergio Farias as the head coach.

All Persija players have high responsibilities. We still control their conditions with the exercises that the training team gave, Cancel Gathering Tomorrow “he explained. bandarq

“So that when they regroup later, the condition of the players is maintained,” added the man who is familiarly called Panca. For additional information, the management of Persija has also carried out spraying disinfectants in the mess of players located in the PS AU complex, Halim Perdanakusuma and the bus that the team usually uses when competing

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder – From historic figures to celebrities to on a regular basis folks, there are many individuals with bipolar disorder. Whether one hears of those individuals on tv or in actual life, the query typically arises as to how they know they’ve bipolar disorder. So, what are the signs of bipolar disorder?

What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolar Disorder

Since there are two distinct elements of bipolar disorder, there are additionally two separate units of signs of bipolar disorder. These signs of bipolar disorder many occasions mirror opposites from the manic to the depressive sides of the sickness.

The obvious of the opposites within the signs of bipolar disorder is stage of power and exercise. In depression, the individual will really feel a lack of power and undergo from fatigue. That particular person might even look like sluggish. Then again, the manic particular person could have an elevated stage of vitality and far greater than regular exercise.

Degree of shallowness is one other of the signs of bipolar disorder. A depressed particular person feels unworthy or is guilt-ridden. A manic, although, is so stuffed with him- or herself that she or he has unreasonable ideas of him- or herself and even delusions of grandeur.

This lack of shallowness could also be what leads the depressed individual to be indecisive, and overblown self significance that urges the manic to develop into reckless. Neither the depressed individual nor the manic one sees these choice-making processes as signs of bipolar disorder. But that is precisely what they’re.

The signs of bipolar disorder differ from the depressive to the manic principally as a result of the overall themes are completely different. In depression, all the pieces is gradual, dull, small, introverted, and hopeless. In mania, issues are overblown, enormous, quick, outgoing, and stuffed with inconceivable desires.

Some signs of bipolar disorder appear, on the floor, to be related. For instance, The poor focus of the depressed individual could seem much like the distraction of the manic particular person. They each, actually, have hassle holding a thought of their heads. This occurs for various causes, although. The depressed particular person has fewer ideas however simply can not concentrate on any, whereas the manic particular person has extreme thought and goes quickly from one to the subsequent.

Sleep cycles differ in each depressed individuals and manic individuals. This is among the signs of bipolar disorder which trigger hassle for each. The depressed individual might not care whether or not she or he sleeps or not, typically sleeping for lengthy intervals and typically not bothering to go to mattress. The manic individual will most absolutely really feel little or no want for sleep. She or he might go with out sleep for days for Symptoms Of Bipolar.

The signs of bipolar disorder which fluctuate essentially the most from depressives to manics occur on the far ends of the spectrum. An individual who’s extraordinarily depressed is more likely to assume darkish ideas about demise, suicide, and even plans to commit suicide. The particular person who’s manic sufficient can have unusual ideas similar to delusions, and bizarre perceptions reminiscent of auditory and visible hallucinations Agen Poker Online.

If an individual is really bipolar, he or she’s going to show some, if not all, of the signs of bipolar disorder on each the depressed and manic sides of the road. Because this sickness is so critical and may have life altering penalties for the particular person with it, it will be significant to acknowledge the signs of bipolar disorder.

Tips for Safe Exercise in the Middle of Corona Pandemic

Tips for Safe Exercise in the Middle of Corona Pandemic – Strong endurance is one of the main shields against the COVID-19 corona virus. Regular exercise is said to maintain fitness and body immunity.

But with the need to isolate and limit the distance to the environment, how do you protect your exercise routine?

Yes, just live sports, do not have a lot of reasons. Many really, the choice of sports that can be done at home. Even if dominoqq you are forced to leave the house, there are several things you can do to reduce the risk.

Here are some tips so you can still exercise safely to maintain a state of fitness in the midst of the corona virus pandemic.

  • The Association of Sports Medicine Specialists (PDSKO) confirms there are no recommendations to limit physical activity during quarantine or isolation, as long as no symptoms are found. If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, it is advisable to stop training and see a doctor immediately.
  • Whatever type of exercise, the key is in volume and intensity. Moderate and moderate physical exercise can increase immunity or immunity. For example, enough to go up and down stairs for 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times a day.

Physical exercise with high intensity and for a long time will have the opposite effect, which decreases the body’s immunity. The risk of infection will actually increase.

Tips for Safe Exercise in the Middle of Corona Pandemic

-For those who have a device such as a fitness tracker or sportwatch, the intensity of exercise can be easily monitored more accurately. But not necessarily with expensive tools, speech tests are also very reliable for measuring intensity.

If during practice someone can still talk even though he is breathing hard, it can be said that the intensity of the training is at a moderate level. Meanwhile, if you can not talk, it means there is a high intensity.

  • There are three important components in sports to maintain fitness namely aerobics, muscle strength, and stretching. Aerobics can be done by brisk walking around the house, up and down stairs in the house, jump rope, or dance. Muscle strength training for example push ups, squats, and various other simple movements.

For those who have to work from home, stretching or stretching is very important. To avoid getting stuck in a chair all day, take time every 2 hours for static stretches for 10-15 seconds.