Ojol Expects Corona’s Rapid Test for Those Who Make Money

Ojol Expects Corona's Rapid Test for Those Who Make Money

Ojol Expects Corona’s Rapid Test for Those Who Make Money – Although the Indonesian people, especially DKI Jakarta, have reduced outside activities by doing work from home or Work From Home (WFH), several professions such as online motorcycle taxi (ojol) still exist. At least despite the decline in passenger orders, the existence of an online motorcycle taxi is still needed as a delivery of food or goods in the middle of an increasingly tense corona pandemic.

Ojol has indeed issued its own protocol in an effort to reduce the risk of corona virus transmission. However, Ojol partners hope that there will be a corona test for them to provide more comfort and safety.

“Hope we have also asked for a mass test post for ojol, a rapid test from the Health Office,” said Chairperson of the Two DominoBet Wheeled Assistance Presidium (Garda), Igun Wicaksono via telephone to AFP on Saturday (3/21/2020).

Igun does not really care through which party the test was carried out. It could be directly from the government or from the applicator directly.

Please test via operator please, government please. According to the Health Act, the public can be protected, through an applicator, immediately go ahead, said Igun.

While awaiting the realization of the corona test, Garda has already issued an online motorcycle taxi operational protocol. There are at least 15 points of concern to ojol partners while working.

Online motorcycle taxi drivers are asked to implement these 15 things to prevent the spread of the corona virus. Here are the points:

  1. Use a medical / surgical mask or an N-95 series mask
  2. Try to use SNI helmets with face covers
  3. Use clean hygienic gloves
  4. Use complete closed attributes
  5. Cover the neck with a buff or scarf
  6. Use closed shoes and socks
  7. Strive to bring hand sanitizers and liquid soap containing antiseptics
  8. Protect the family at home by preparing a disinfectant to wash the attributes and other equipment
  9. Ojol attributes do not go straight into the house, wash with disinfectant
  10. Try diligently taking additional vitamins to increase immunity
  11. Maintain clean food and healthy drinks
  12. Diligent hand washing with liquid soap containing antiseptic
  13. Avoid contact with unexpected Covid-19
  14. Prepare a special plastic or bag for storing paper money or metal
  15. Check your health if you experience symptoms of flu and cough.

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