Meghan and Harry Start a Non-Noble Life

Meghan and Harry Start a Non-Noble Life – When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they would leave senior royal members early in the year, many people were very surprised. The topic then became a debate in the media and also the British public.

Questions about the couple’s life also surfaced. What will they do? How do they survive? And what are the comments of other royal members of the decision?

There were several incidents in the weeks after the announcement. However, the question began to be answered when on Monday (30/3) the pair issued a statement about their transition after leaving a senior member of the kingdom.

“Over the next few weeks or months, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex choose to focus on the global response to the Covid-19 pandemic,” the pair’s spokesman said.

However, we realize there are questions about the future beyond their transition, he continued.

The future in question includes no longer using the name “Sussex Royal” for non-profit organizations, websites, or Instagram accounts, starting March 31 which is the end of their term as members of the senior kingdom and starting their new lives. DominoQQ

Although no longer actively working as a member of the senior kingdom and representing the Queen, Prince Harry and Meghan remained members of the kingdom. There is no change to Prince Harry’s position on the succession list.

Support from Prince Charles

Behind the scenes, various agreements have been made between the couple and the royal family. One of them, Prince Charles, Harry’s father, will continue to provide financial support through his property business, the Duchy of Cornwall.

Harry and Meghan also still have their residence at Windsor Estate in England, even though they have to offer around 3 million dollars in lieu of renovation costs.

Some plans have also been made as a way for the couple to get income, for example by being a speaker, working with Disney, and several other projects.

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