Jokowi Will Not Repatriate ISIS Ex-Indonesian Citizens

ISIS Ex Indonesian

Jokowi Will Not Repatriate ISIS Ex-Indonesian Citizens – Indonesian President Joko Widodo is firmly opposed to returning ISIS to return to Indonesia for any reason.

Jokowi wants to guarantee the safety of 267 million people of Indonesia, so Jokowi will not repatriate the Ex-ISIS called the Ex-Indonesian citizen.

Jokowi Will Not Repatriate ISIS Ex-Indonesian Citizens

“I think yesterday it was clearly stated that the government has the responsibility to safeguard the Republic of Indonesia and protect the 267 million inhabitants of Indonesia that we prioritize, for that the government has no plans to repatriate the people who were there, ISIS ex Indonesian citizen,” said Jokowi

The next instruction was, Jokowi ordered that 689 people be identified to register and would be included in immigration to be prevented from entering Indonesia.

Jokowi did not explain further their citizenship status, but clearly Jokowi had mentioned that they had become Ex-Indonesian citizens.

The directive was delivered and decided by Jokowi to the minister and also the ranks of the heads of related institutions at the Presidential Palace in Bogor .

“The government firmly will not repatriate terrorists. It will not repatriate FTF (foreign terrorist Fighter) to Indonesia which is spread from Syria to Turkey”. Said Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, Mahfud Md poker online cepat.

Because after all terrorists are not allowed to return to Indonesia at all because it would be very dangerous to the other population.

Redical understanding that has changed the thinking of the former ISIS, who was an Indonesian citizen, will greatly jeopardize the sovereignty or security of Indonesia.

So the decision taken by the President of Indonesia is a very appropriate decision to protect the existing sovereignty and security of the Republic of Indonesia.

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