Italy Closes Dozens of Cities Due to Virus Outbreaks

Italy Closes Dozens of Cities Due to Virus Outbreaks – Dozens of cities in northern Italy were closed after two people died, 79 others were infected with the corona virus in the past 24 hours.

The decision was made after the number of cases of infection increased, where sufferers had no direct connection with the source of the outbreak.

Schools, business centers, to restaurants in the Veneto Region and Lombardy were frozen with the government and also suspended mass and sports activities.

The Milan government, the business center as well as the capital of the Lombardy Region, also closed the government offices, reported the AP via CTV News on Saturday (2/22/2020).

The first corona virus victim died was Adriano Trevisan, a retired 78-year-old construction company owner.

Italy Closes Dozens of Cities Due to Virus Outbreaks

The father of three children breathed his last in Padua, Veneto Region, northern Italy, after being rushed there with other victims.

Then a few hours later, the second known death victim was a female patient in the Lombardy Region who was also in the northern region.

In addition to the victim died, the authority of the State of “Pizza” also reported a surge of 79 cases of infection, having previously announced at number 39.

Hundreds of residents and workers who made contact with 54 positive patients in Italy were immediately quarantined while waiting for their test results.

Civil defense forces immediately set up tents outside a closed hospital in Veneto, so that medical staff could be scanned.

In Codogno, the city that first identified the first patients in critical condition, the atmosphere looked like a ghost town with shops to restaurants that were closed.

Some people were seen coming out wearing masks, the most coveted item at the pharmacy after the virus with the official name Covid-19 was endemic.

The President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, said the soaring case showed that the virus could spread like a cold.

Trying to point the finger at the first sufferer or connect it to China is of little use to ward off the plague.

“You can get it from anyone. We accept patients who don’t have any contact,” Zaia explained to the media crew.

He recounts Trevisan, where the first death victim showed no deadly symptoms when Covid-19 when diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks ago.

Trevisan is known to have no history of going to China or being in contact with patients before. So, initially he was not examined for the virus.

Francesca Russo, Head of the Veneto Health Service, said that Trevisan was only examined after the treatment of pneumonia given no results. However, it was too late.

Together with eight other infected victims, Trevisan is said to form a cluster (group) of infections in Vo’Euganeo, a city of 3,300 people.

Fortunately, Russo said, when Trevisan died, none of the medical staff who treated him contracted the corona virus. Bandar Ceme Terbaru

The first confirmed case came from Codogno, where the sufferer was a 39-year-old man whose identity was unknown.

He is said to have contracted from his friend, who had just returned from China on January 21, and played football, played three races, and had three meetings and dinner.

The Chief Minister of Lombardy Health and Welfare, Giulio Gallera said, his office had completed an examination of 250 samples.

There are still hundreds of others waiting to be processed, including the 39-year-old male colleague at the Unilever factory near Codogno.

“Given how contagious this is, there is a possibility that the number of victims will experience an increase,” Gallera explained in his press statement.

Both the central and regional authorities approved the rules for effectively locking 10 Lombardy cities around Lodi, southeast of Milan, after four cases on Friday (2/21/2020).

Even so, cities outside isolation such as Cremona, decided to carry out quarantine independently after reported cases of infection.

As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19, Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala announced that Inter Milan’s Serie A match with Sampdoria would be suspended.

Later in Bergamo, also in Lombardy, Mayor Giorgio Gori stated that the Atalanta Serie A match against Sassuolo and Verona against Cagliari were suspended.

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