Government Reveals Secret Facts Regarding Corona Patient Viral Video Released

Government Reveals Secret Facts Regarding Corona Patient Viral Video Released – Achmad Yurianto, a spokesman for the Indonesian government specifically handling the corona virus Covid-19, revealed a secret fact when responding to the viral video of women patients under surveillance who were released from the hospital without supervision.

Government Reveals Secret Facts

Yurianto admitted, a number of hospitals wanted to maintain their image so they would not be known to treat patients related to the corona virus Covid-19.

This statement was delivered by Yurianto in a video uploaded to Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (3/17/2020).

Initially, Yurianto explained to Deddy about the patient’s chronology until it was released without supervision. Berita Harian Terbaru

He added, “The hospital says that we do not have treatment facilities. Therefore, please go to another hospital that can treat you. We will give you an introduction. Please, with this introduction, you go to another hospital. Such a mechanism”.

The Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health explained that actually hospitals do not need special facilities to treat Covid-19 patients.

“Actually, if we look at it, if indeed he is convinced, it is the hospital that asks for his specimen to be examined. If he is positive about the clinical condition it does not require special facilities. The important thing is only to be separated from other patients,” Yurianto said.

He continued, “We are well aware that in some hospitals, he keeps his image by not getting caught by people that I treat Covid-19”.

Hearing Yurianto’s statement, Deddy was immediately shocked. He did not think there was a hospital that behaved like that in the middle of the plague.

“Oh my god! Wow!” said Deddy.

Yurianto continued, “If we find out later all the other patients won’t come. This is business. Then welcome to Indonesia”.

“You have added a lot of work, sir,” Deddy said.

The government, through Yurianto, never wanted to release the name of the hospital because of such considerations. Except for the Hospital Sulianti Saroso and Friendship Hospital which has become a reference for COVID-19 patients.

“That’s what happened. A lot of hospitals rejected this case. That’s from the beginning, we never wanted to mention the name of the hospital,” he said.

Deddy then asked, “Is this hospital against the law, no?”

“Violating. May he reject the patient for a clear reason. May he refer the patient for a clear reason. Not that it’s like the market. Please look for yourself. We don’t want to accept,” Yurianto answered.

He claimed this was a big homework for the government especially when facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that the hospital no longer has a social function. The hospital is a business now. A hotel with a nurse boy room,” Yurianto said.

He explained that the Ministry of Health had regulations on this case. But Yurianto regretted that there were patients who complained on social media.

“The regulation is clear. If possible it is not able to treat it please, but there is a mechanism. Make a good reference. Take him or provide a complete supporting examination first and then send it. But it’s not like that,” he said. Government Reveals Secret Facts

Yurianto said that he would speak with the hospital association concerned in providing sanctions.

“Obviously this ethic is not true. We will talk with the hospital association. Please get your yellow card. If it is still (problematic), just give a red card,” he said.

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