Emergency Status of Corona Virus Rises, Singaporeans Panic at Supermarket Invasion

Emergency Status of Corona Virus Rises, Singaporeans Panic at Supermarket Invasion – Singaporeans flocked to supermarkets after the government raised the emergency status of the corona virus from yellow to orange.

on the show field yesterday from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon (2/8/2020), large supermarkets such as NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, and Giant were crowded.

Old people, young people, husband and wife, to mothers securing emergency needs, with items that were quickly struck by one of them bathroom tissue, instant noodles, to detergent.

For example at FairPrice Xtra Vivo City. There was almost no raw meat left when the new clock entered 14.00 noon local time. A very rare thing to happen.

Likewise, instant noodles from various different brands, including Indonesian Indomie products, are sold out quickly.

Emergency Status of Corona Virus Rises, Singaporeans Panic at Supermarket Invasion

It was seen that the supermarket staff continued to increase the supply of instant noodles to avoid a vacancy.

Citizens of “Singa” are also willing to queue long to pay for a pile of goods that have been loaded into a large supermarket trolley.

As is known the Singapore government announced to raise the status of the corona virus outbreak or DORSCON to an emergency level on Friday afternoon (2/7/2020).

The change in status was caused by an increase in three cases of the corona virus, with a total of 33 infected victims.

The source of the virus in the three cases so far cannot be traced and is not transmitted directly by patients from Wuhan, the origin of the pathogen which killed 724 people in China. Ceme Online Terpercaya

The orange color means that the spread of the virus is at a very serious stage, spreading easily from human to human but not yet comprehensive throughout the community.

Government reactions and citizen comments
Panic-buying or panic that made residents storm the supermarket made the Singapore government speak up.

There is no risk that Singapore will run out of daily staples. We also have a national inventory warehouse, said Minister of Industry and Trade Chan Chun Sing.

While Chief Executive of FairPrice, who is also a member of parliament Seah Kian Peng, called on residents to stop this spending and not have to stockpile basic needs.

“Our stock can be continuously updated. But if all continue to buy more than needed, then the amount will never be enough. Let’s calm down, “pleaded Seah.

When trying to check, it’s true that the stock of goods in Singapore supermarkets is replenished quickly by local authorities.

Speaking with residents who also invaded the supermarket, Jason said he decided to buy more bread to stock up if anything happens.

I bought as a precaution if for example the situation worsened until I could not leave the house. When that happens, it will be difficult to get food, he said.

However, not all residents also think the same to hoard food stocks. One of them is Eunice Lee.

“I really went to the supermarket. But only to buy items that have been used up at home such as rice and yogurt. “Said the professional in the field of technology.

Eunice believes that out of stock will always be replaced quickly so that there is no need to panic buying at the supermarket.

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