Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way – The government and telecommunications operators are trying to block the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for black market mobile phones (BM) today (18/2/2020). This rule applies in full on 18 April 2020.

This trial aims to assess the readiness of operators in operating the control system of cellular devices through IMEI.

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

“The plan is that on February 18 the results will be immediately presented to the Minister of Communication and Information (Johnny Plate),” said Director of Standardization of Information and Communication Equipment Post and Information Technology Mochamad Hadiyana, last week.

Mohchammad Hadiyana added that the trial was conducted using a dummy sample. So no illegal cellphones will be blocked. Because the IMEI rules will be in full effect on 18 April 2020.

“So it does not make the device that has been used by the user community as a test object,” he explained.

IMEI is actually a special identification number issued by the GSM Association for each GSM card slot issued by the cellphone manufacturer. Each cellphone has an IMEI number that identifies the cellphone, and is for blocking black market phones.

To find out or check whether our cellphone is illegal or not, here’s how:

Check IMEI directly from mobile. You do this by typing * # 06 # or tap Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> IMEI Information. IMEI numbers can also be found on the back of a cellphone or near a smartphone battery.

Enter the 15 digit IMEI number into the site. Usually two choices will appear. Namely, IMEI has been registered in the Ministry of Industry database or IMEI not registered in the Ministry of Industry database.

IMEI itself is a 15 digit international identity number taken from the eight digit Type Allocation Code from the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) to identify telecommunications equipment and devices connected to cellular networks.

Because of its unique nature, each device has a different IMEI. The identity number can be said to be official if the user has a warranty card from the manufacturer, has an Indonesian language manual, and is registered in the TPP (Product Registration Certificate) import.

Whether or not registered with IMEI at TPP can be checked through the Ministry of Industry website and SDPPI certificate ownership.

Now, users can review the IMEI of their cellphone / tablet in the device box. If the cardboard has been lost, the IMEI number can also be checked via * # 06 # on the cellphone. agen poker online indonesia

After that, users can input the IMEI number listed on the screen to the Ministry of Industry website. If registered, the site will display the words ‘IMEI registered in the Ministry of Industry database’ and vice versa.

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