Megawati Inaugurates the Bung Karno Statue

Accompanied by Prabowo and Puan, Megawati inaugurated the Bung Karno Statue – House Speaker Puan Maharani accompanied the 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri in the inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue at the Magelang Military Academy Complex, Central Java, Friday (02/07/2020).

Megawati Inaugurates the Bung Karno Statue

Megawati Inaugurates the Bung Karno Statue

The inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue was also attended by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and Kasad General Andika Prakasa and Akmil Governor Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurahman.

The inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue was done by signing the inscription carried out by Megawati as Chair of the Steering Committee of the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP).

Puan said, Bung Karno’s statue in Akmil Magelang was proof that the founding of Akmil Magelang was inseparable from Bung Karno’s role as the First President of the Republic of Indonesia. agen poker deposit pulsa

Soekarno inaugurated Akmil Magelang while serving as Supreme commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces on November 11, 1957. “There was a handwriting of Bung Karno who explained that Akmil Magelang was a continuation of the National Military Academy (AMN) in Yogyakata,” Puan said in a written statement, Friday (2/7/2020).

According to Puan, Soekarno’s handwriting enshrined in an inscription was a historical marker and needed to be known by the younger generation. “So the current generation must know that there are traces and roles of Bung Karno in Akmil Magelang,” he said.

Furthermore, Puan hopes, the existence of the first statue of the President of the Republic of Indonesia can be a reminder for all cadets and early cadets of the founding of Akmil. “All cadets and cadets can remember that the initial spirit of the formation of Akmil was to give birth to the best officers of the Army,” he said.

Indonesian 5th President Megawati Soekarnoputri met Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in Akmil Magelang. This is in line with the inauguration of the Soekarno Statue.

Based on AFP monitoring on Friday (2/7/2020), Megawati’s group arrived at the Akmil complex, Magelang District, welcomed by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and Akmilm Governor Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurahman.

Megawati was accompanied by Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament Puan Maharani and the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo.

At present, a sociodrama on the history of the National Military Academy (AMN) is being held, the move from Yogyakarta to Magelang on November 11, 1957.

The sociodrama took place at the Pancasila Field, Akmil Complex, Magelang. Even though the rain did not dampen the ongoing socio drama.

Megawati’s meeting with Prabowo, which was known to be open to the public, was held at the Megawati residence on Jalan Teuku Umar, ahead of the formation of the last cabinet.

Profil Lengkap Member Blackpink Siapa Yang Kamu Suka ?


Profil Lengkap Member Blackpink Siapa Yang Kamu Suka ?– Siapa di sini yang tak kenal dan menyukai para gadis cantik dari negeri Ginseng ini ? idol grup yang di beri nama BLACKPINK ini begitu mencuri perhatian bagi pasang mata yang melihat. Girband yang beranggotakan 4 gadis cantik ini memiliki begitu banyak fans.

Profil Lengkap Member Blackpink Siapa Yang Kamu Suka ?

Masing-masing member nya juga menjadi standar cantik bagi wanita lain di korea. Grup berusan YG entertainment ini adalah grup kedua setelah 2Ne1 yang begitu terkenal tak hanya di korea saja namun juga di luar negeri.

Para fans blackpink ini menyebut diri mereka dengan sebutan blink. Lantas siapakah nama dan juga profil lengkap dari member ini ? Mari simak bersama-sama mengenai profilnya.

  • Jennie

Memiliki nama lengkap Jennie Kim ini lahir di Anyang, Korea Selatan pada tanggal 16 januari 1996. Lahir di Korea, namun ia tumbuh besar dan bersekolah di New Zealand. Tak hanya itu saja, ia juga menempuh mendidikan di Belanda. Sebelum bergabung dan debut bersama Blackpink, ia sudah banyak berkolaborasi dengan artis korea lainnya salah satunya yakni G-Dragon, Seungri dan masih banyak lagi.

Jennie memiliki kemampuan dasar berbahasa inggris dan jepang. Gadis imut ini menyukai warna hitam dan pink. Ia juga sangat menyukai berbagai jenis susu segar dan yogurt segar bandar poker online terpercaya.

Posisinya di blackpink yakni main rapper dan vokalis.

  • Jisoo

Sebagai member tertua di blackpink, ia memiliki nama lengkap yakni Kim Ji Soo lahir di Seoul pada tanggal 3 januari  1995 dengan tinggi mencapai 162 cm. Telah bergabung bersama YG ketika berumur 16 tahun, Jisoo menjalani training selama 5 tahun lamanya sebelum di umumkan debut bersama Blackpink. Berperan sebagai lead vokal tentunya ia juga bertanggung jawab terhadap ketiga member nya yang lain.

Ia hobi berolahraga dan juga membaca manga.

  • Rose

Member ketiga bernama Roseanne Park, lahir di New Zealand pada tanggal 11 februari 1197. Meskipun ia berdarah asli orang Korea, namun ia tumbuh besar di Australia. Ia berhasil menjadi anggota blackpink yang terakhir setelah berhasil lulus audisi di Australia.

Setelah itu ia bertolak kembali ke Korea untuk menjalani masa training bersama YG kurang lebih 4 tahun lamanya.

Berperan sebagai lead vokal, tentunya suara Rose tak perlu di ragukan lagi. Suaranya yang mampu mencapai oktaf tinggi menjadikan nya selalu mengisi bagian lagu blackpink dengan nada tinggi.

  • Lisa

Maknae atau member termuda milik blackpink ini bernama asli Lalisa Manoban berasal dan lahir di Bangkok, Thailand pada tanggal 27 maret 1997. Dengan tinggi badan mencapai 167 cm , membuatnya adalah member tertinggi di grupnya. Meskipun bukan berasal dari Korea, nyatanya ia sangat fasih sekali berbahasa Korea, Inggris dan juga bahasa Jepang.

Ia menjalani masa training kurang lebih 5 tahun bersama blackpink hingga di umumkan YG menjadi member ke 2 resmi dari blackpink.

History of the Creation of Lights

History of the Creation of Lights – The principle behind the dynamo or electric generator was discovered by Michael Faraday and Joseph Henry. But the process of developing it into a practical electricity generator took years. Without dynamos for electricity generation, the development of electric motors has stalled, and electricity cannot be used as widely for transportation, manufacturing, or lighting as is used for today.

Arc light as a practical lighting tool was discovered in 1878 by Charles Brush, an Ohio engineer and a graduate of the University of Michigan. Others have attacked the problem of electric lighting, but the lack of suitable carbon is blocking their success. Charles Brush made several series lamps from one dynamo.

The first Brush lamp was used for street lighting in Cleveland, Ohio. Other inventors increase the light of the bow, but there are weaknesses. For outdoor lighting and for large hall lights, they function well, but arc lights cannot be used in small spaces. In addition, they are in series, that is, the current passes through each lamp in turn, and crashes to one toss the entire set of actions. All lighting problems in the room must be solved by one of the most famous inventors in America.

History of the Creation

Thomas Edison, Beginning of the Story of the Discovery of Electric Lights
Thomas Edison arrived in Boston in 1868, practically penniless, and applied for a position as a night operator. In Boston he found people who knew something about electricity, and, when he worked at night and cut his sleep time, he found time to study. He bought and studied Faraday’s work.

Now his first diverse invention, an automatic voice recorder, for which he received a patent in 1868. This required him to travel to Washington, which he did by borrowing money, but he could not arouse interest in the device.

“After the voice recorder,” he said, “I found a stock ticker, and started a ticker service in Boston; has 30 or 40 customers and operates from a room above the Gold Exchange. ”Edison tried to sell this machine in New York, but he returned to Boston without success. He then discovers a duplex telegraph in which two messages can be sent simultaneously, but on the test, the machine fails due to the stupidity of the assistant.

Newark Store Project
Edison then tried to improve the automatic telegraph system (telegraph) used at the time and introduced it to England. He experimented with submarine cables and devised a quadruplex telegraphic system where one wire was made to do four jobs.

Both inventions were bought by Jay Gould, owner of the Atlantic and Pacific Telegraph Company. Gould paid 30,000 dollars for a quadruplex system but refused to pay an automatic telegraph. Gould had bought Western Union, his only rival.

“He then,” Edison wrote, “refused his contracts with automated telegraph people and they never received a cent for their cables or patents, and I lost three years of hard work. But I never held a grudge against him because he was so capable in his line, and as long as my part was successful, money with me was a secondary consideration. When Gould got Western Union, I knew that no further progress in the telegraph was possible, and I went into another route. “

History of the Creation

Works for Western Union
In fact, however, lack of money forced Edison to continue his work for the Western Union Telegraph Company. He created a carbon emitter and sold it History of the Creation to Western Union for $ 1,000,000, paid in seventeen annual installments of $ 6,000. He made a similar agreement for the same amount for the electro-motograph patent.

He did not realize that this installment payment did not make good business sense. This agreement is typical of Edison’s early years as an inventor. He works only on inventions that can be sold to get money to meet payroll from different stores. Then the inventors employ keen entrepreneurs to negotiate agreements.

Invention of Electric Lights
Thomas Edison founded a laboratory and factory in Menlo Park, New Jersey, in 1876, and it was there that he invented the phonograph, which was patented in 1878. At that time at Menlo Park he began a series of experiments that produced incandescent lamps. Bandar Ceme Terbaik

Thomas Edison was determined to produce electric lights for indoor use. His first research was for a durable filament that would burn in a vacuum. A series of experiments with platinum wire and various refractory metals had unsatisfactory results. Many other substances have been tried, even human hair. Edison concluded that carbon of some kind was a solution rather than a metal. Joseph Swan, an Englishman really came to the same conclusion first.

In October 1879, after fourteen months of hard work and spending forty thousand dollars, carbon-cotton thread sealed in one of Edison’s balls was tested and lasted for forty hours. “If it’s going to burn forty hours now,” said Edison, “I know I can make it burn a hundred.” And he did. Better filament is needed. Edison found it in pieces of carbonated bamboo.

Dinamo Edison
Edison developed his own type of dynamo, the largest ever made until then. History of the Creation Along with Edison’s incandescent lamps, it was one of the wonders of the Paris Electric Exhibition in 1881.

Installations in European and American plants for electricity service soon followed. Edison’s first large central station, supplying electricity for three thousand lights, was set up at Holborn Viaduct, London, in 1882, and in September of History of the Creation that year, Pearl Street Station in New York City, the first central station in America, was operated and began the period electricity industry.

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes – Environmentally friendly products lately increasingly popular. Many people are increasingly concerned with the environment. It also relates to the world of fashion.

This area includes a significant impact on environmental sustainability. Lately, clothing production has doubled thanks to fashion trends in retail stores with fast production flow and time periods (Fast Fashion).

Australia is the second country that has the most clothes shopping. Australian women can buy an average of 27 kilograms of new clothes each year.

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes

Even so, environmentally friendly products have begun to be a lot of consideration in buying clothes. Reporting from Harper’s Bazaar, there are six tips for our clothes collection in the closet to be more environmentally friendly.

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes
  • Find Out

Do a little research on who made your clothes, are they made with the concept of “sustainability”? Find out the impact of the production of these materials on the environment. Can it be recycle?

Broadly speaking, clothing materials are divided into three: natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Choose materials that are produced in a more environmentally friendly way such as using organic cotton, coloring with natural dyes and packaged with materials that are easily recycled.

  • Buy Vintage Clothes

Fast fashion is clearly toxic to the environment. Recent studies suggest that gas emissions resulting from textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion tons annually (more than those produced by aircraft and ships even if the two are combined).

You can try to buy vintage designer clothes sold online to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Take Care of Clothes

Don’t just wear it, but also treat it well so it lasts. Store properly, do not be expose to the sun and protect from mold.

If there are broken clothes, refrain from buying again. Just fix it or if you no longer want to use it, it should be donated instead of discarded.

  • Think Carefully Before Buying

The key to environmentally friendly clothing is to invest in clothes that have a long life, ie clothes that are well made will never die of style.

According to statistics, the average woman in Australia uses only 33 percent of her entire collection of clothes and discards 23 kilograms of other clothes each year. Try the # Use30 challenge movement. The point is to buy clothes that will be worn 30 or more times. No need to follow trends and choose clothes that are more durable to wear. Agen Ceme Online

  • Love What You Already Have

You have a pile of clothes in the closet but only once or even have you ever worn them? To make your clothing collection more environmentally friendly, try to be creative in your clothing collection.

The technique of mixing and matching clothes can make you look different without having to buy new clothes.

  • Donate

Instead, donate clothes that are not use. Do the rules of entering one shirt out one shirt, which prevents you from adding new clothes without giving old clothes.

Menggunakan Artikel Dengan Autoresponders


Menggunakan Artikel Dengan Autoresponders – Bukan rahasia lagi bahwa artikel menghanguskan sekarang. Artikel adalah cara yang efektif untuk mengiklankan barang dagangan Anda mungkin mempromosikan, melayani Anda membangun apa yang Anda promosikan dan mencapai pemirsa yang lebih luas Artikel harus penuh dengan pengetahuan, mudah dipelajari dan dipahami, dan menyediakan informasi yang bermanfaat bagi pembaca tentang arah keingintahuan mereka. Biasanya, artikel akan merangkul hyperlink ke situs internet, yang dirancang untuk mempromosikan layanan atau produk yang berkaitan dengan artikel tersebut.

Menggunakan Artikel Dengan Autoresponders

Biasanya, artikel dikirimkan ke situs web, bank artikel, direktori, dan umumnya digunakan dengan ezine juga. Ada berbagai penggunaan untuk artikel, karena mereka mungkin metode terbaik untuk mengiklankan layanan dan produk secara online. Meskipun Anda akan menemukan banyak alternatif memanfaatkan untuk artikel, di antara yang terbaik adalah dengan autoresponder. Saat Anda mencampur artikel informasi dengan penjawab otomatis, Anda akan mendapatkan hasil yang mungkin Anda sukai. Penjawab otomatis sangat populer akhir-akhir ini – meskipun sedikit yang mengira memanfaatkannya bersama-sama dengan artikel.

Anda akan dapat melakukannya dengan mengatur setiap artikel Anda yang dipertimbangkan bersama dengan autoresponder Anda. Anda harus menjamin bahwa setiap artikel memiliki masalah pribadi, yang berarti bahwa Anda ingin menggunakan autoresponder yang memungkinkan Anda melakukannya. daftar poker online terpercaya Setelah Anda memiliki autoresponder yang memungkinkan Anda untuk melakukan itu, yang terbaik adalah membuat catatan pegang setiap artikel yang Anda miliki, menempatkan tackle dari autoresponder di samping judul artikel. Jika Anda memilih, Anda juga dapat menambahkan garis besar artikel ke daftar pegang Anda.

Jika Anda memiliki banyak artikel, mempertahankannya bisa menjadi kegiatan yang membosankan. Mereka yang memiliki banyak barang dagangan, biasanya memiliki banyak artikel. Saat Anda mempromosikan artikel, kemungkinan besar Anda memiliki yang lebih besar daripada yang Anda andalkan. Di seluruh Internet, orang mencari artikel. Satu pasokan bagus yang kami temukan untuk artikel PLR adalah di internet. Artikel terdiri dari data, data yang dapat menghapus masalah atau menjelaskan barang dagangan. Setiap hari di web, ribuan dan ribuan orang di seluruh dunia mencari data. Info ini yang mereka cari, sering kali dalam jenis artikel.

Jika Anda telah mempromosikan semua artikel satu demi satu, ini bisa memakan waktu yang cukup lama. Jika seandainya Anda memiliki banyak hal untuk ditunjukkan, itu mungkin akan membawa Anda berminggu-minggu – bahkan berbulan-bulan. Dengan menggunakan autoresponder, ini dapat menghemat banyak waktu. Pamer satu kesepakatan dengan satu artikel tidak akan membawa Anda lama dalam hal apa pun, karena penjawab otomatis akan melakukan sebagian besar pekerjaan. Yang perlu Anda lakukan adalah meletakkan hyperlink di halaman web Anda, atau menambahkannya ke pesan yang telah Anda tentukan saat Anda mengirim email. Autoresponders benar-benar bisa mendapatkan artikel dan pengetahuan Anda di pasar, yang harus Anda lakukan adalah memberi mereka upaya.

Mysterious Fireball on New Year’s Eve 2016

Mysterious Fireball on New Year’s Eve 2016 – On the eve of the turn of last year, residents gathered outside the house to watch the fireworks parade adorn the Jakarta sky. At the exact time of 24:00, the night sky was bright with the colorful lights of the fireworks. Between the bursts of thousands of fireworks, reddish orbs of light were also seen floating in the sky.

Some people call the light ball Braja, and this phenomenon then fills online media for several days.

Mysterious Fireball

Some associate it with Mystic (and politics).

Mysterious Fireball

There are also those who deliberately go to certain locations to get the feel of the apparition.

Mysterious Fireball on New Year's Eve 2016

Perhaps detikcom is the most eager media covering the phenomenon. They carried out investigations and crosschecks, even linking the phenomenon to the Mekong river fireballs which I also wrote on this blog. This excitement is no different from the events of the sky trumpet some time ago.

We live in a modern era where some people can have small flying objects called drones. Along with the development of this kind of technology, we will see an increasing number of reports of UFO sightings by the public or the number of photographs of colorful flying objects posted on social media.

Therefore, for the case of the red Mysterious Fireball of light for New Year’s Eve 2016, hold your imagination for a moment. The ball of light is not necessarily an alien craft that decides to join in celebrating New Year’s Eve on earth or a spirit from another dimension who decides to haunt the public on a crowded night.

This article is certainly more about the response to the bombastic news from several media. But one more thing that makes me interested to respond is because I myself witnessed the horrifying Mysterious Fireball of light and even had time to take pictures.

At that time I was in Jakarta. When a large number of fireworks began to decorate the sky, I saw a Mysterious Fireball of red light, flying slowly in the sky. The ball floated for a long time in the sky before it finally began to fade and descend, then disappear.

Here are the photos I took.

Mysterious Fireball on New Year's Eve 2016

In fact, if we see patterns and clues relating to the appearance of the ball of light, we can immediately draw a reasonable conclusion about the identity of the mysterious object. bandar ceme deposit pulsa

Even the media that stirred themselves up with these sightings has given us important clues in the content of the news posted, such as the following detikcom article:
The Story of the Light Ball that Appears Every New Year’s Eve in Sawangan
The phenomenon of the appearance of the light bulb associated with UFOs on the eve of the turn of the new year ago is clearly not scientifically proven. However, in Sawangan, Depok, West Java, there is a story about Mysterious Fireball that always appear every night of the new year. Is that the same event with a ball of light?

Information about Mysterious Fireball in Sawangan was received by AFP from readers who responded to articles related to the appearance of light bulbs in the area of ​​North Jakarta and Serpong. According to some people, there is a unique phenomenon that is always visited by many people in Sawangan, named Braja. detikcom then traced the truth of the story. Until finally met with Udin Herman (52), a man who from birth lived in the village of Pasir Putih, Sawangan, Depok, West Java.
He tells about the routine of the public during New Year’s Eve who are curious about the appearance of braja or fireball at Sawangan. According to Udin, there used to be a reservoir called Setu autumn.

In the 1960s, the reservoir collapsed and the fish scattered. Later, the reservoir area became privately owned and became housing. I wonder what the connection is, after the reservoir is gone, it often appears a strange phenomenon every change of the year. This phenomenon is called braja, or the appearance of fireballs. “The oddity of the braja comes out at 24.00 WIB at night just after the turn of the year BC. But if people are lucky to see it is not just on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes there are those who see a certain time of the day looking like a flying umbrella,” he said.

This phenomenon has spread by word of mouth since 2006. As a result, every night of the turn of the year, many want to see the appearance of braja. “Braja itself has the size of a soccer ball. Everyone can see the object. The color is red, glowing, fire or glowing,” he explained. “In the past it could be 8-9 the number of braja that came out. This year only 4 came out small and far away,” he added.

On the social networking site YouTube many videos that depict Udin’s story. Like for example, the video uploaded by the Onez Lasso account in January 2014. On the sidelines of the new year’s fireworks, there is a kind of red dots that are believed to be braja. You can believe it or not. What is clear, this event makes many people come to Sawangan every New Year’s Eve.

Scientifically, LAPAN Chief Thomas Djamaludin has confirmed that there are no UFOs or possible alien sightings on earth. Various possibilities about the appearance of a red ball of light in the sky could come from flares, aircraft lights, or fireworks.

From the article above, we get two clues.

The first clue is, the light bulb only appears during New Year’s Eve and the second clue is, the phenomenon began to be famous since 2006.

In another detikcom article, we get a testimony from a resident named Maya who said that the orb of light: “….. glows red and fades with the downward motion, then disappears.”

So the third clue is, the object glows red and dims with downward motion, and then disappears.

This witness’s description is exactly like what I witnessed.

After getting three clues, now we set the suspect, outside the alien or spirit plane. The most likely are: Drones that have red lights, Beacon lights, Airplane Lights and Lanterns.

Then we match the instructions we have.

Hint one: Only appears on New Year’s Eve.
Point two: It has been around since 2006.
Hint three: Shine red and fade with downward motion, then disappear.

We can strike the drone because the phenomenon of this light bulb has existed since 2006. In that year the drone was not as popular as it is now.

Beacon lights may be ignored because they do not glide or hang in the air.

Airplane lights can also be ignored because the airplane has flickering lights.

The remaining suspect is the Lantern and I believe this is the Braja we are looking for.

The Lantern profile matches the three characteristics we have. The release of lanterns is only done during special occasions, such as New Year’s Eve, because those who take these lanterns off to the sky usually accompany them with prayers and hopes for the days to come.

Then not long when a lantern is flying, it will run out of fuel, the light will dim, the hot air that causes it to fly will run out and slowly it will come down to earth. When the lights go out in the night sky, it will look like it’s disappearing in the air.

At the Jakarta Night Festival held to welcome the New Year’s Eve 2016, a lantern was released as recorded by the following news agencies:

This tradition seems to have been going on for a long time. The news screenshot below is the release of lanterns for New Year’s Eve 2014.

As the popularity of the ritual of removing lanterns at special times also increased the number of merchants selling lanterns. For example, as seen from one of the following online buying and selling sites.

In the future, it looks like we will see more reports of colorful UFO sightings in the night sky.

The following is an example of releasing lanterns that are very similar to the appearance of a light bulb on New Year’s Eve yesterday.

Update: January 7, 2016

From the comments that come in, many assume that the theory of flares fired from a flare gun makes more sense than a lantern. I myself still hold to the opinion that the ball of light comes from lanterns.

There is a fact that I forgot to give, namely that on New Year’s Eve, I watched the ball of light stay in the air for more than 15 minutes. This fact makes me believe that the ball did not come from flares.

As we can see from the video below, the flare shot has a trajectory, curves, then disappears. Less than one minute.

Flares that are fired have characteristics like bullets that are shot up. Whereas lanterns have characteristics such as blimps.

But I do not need to be too determined to argue again about this. Someone has posted a video on YouTube that seems to be able to end this debate. This video contains a recording of a group of people who flew lanterns on New Year’s Eve.

Here is the video.

source : enigma