Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way – The government and telecommunications operators are trying to block the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for black market mobile phones (BM) today (18/2/2020). This rule applies in full on 18 April 2020.

This trial aims to assess the readiness of operators in operating the control system of cellular devices through IMEI.

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

“The plan is that on February 18 the results will be immediately presented to the Minister of Communication and Information (Johnny Plate),” said Director of Standardization of Information and Communication Equipment Post and Information Technology Mochamad Hadiyana, last week.

Mohchammad Hadiyana added that the trial was conducted using a dummy sample. So no illegal cellphones will be blocked. Because the IMEI rules will be in full effect on 18 April 2020.

“So it does not make the device that has been used by the user community as a test object,” he explained.

IMEI is actually a special identification number issued by the GSM Association for each GSM card slot issued by the cellphone manufacturer. Each cellphone has an IMEI number that identifies the cellphone, and is for blocking black market phones.

To find out or check whether our cellphone is illegal or not, here’s how:

Check IMEI directly from mobile. You do this by typing * # 06 # or tap Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> IMEI Information. IMEI numbers can also be found on the back of a cellphone or near a smartphone battery.

Enter the 15 digit IMEI number into the site. Usually two choices will appear. Namely, IMEI has been registered in the Ministry of Industry database or IMEI not registered in the Ministry of Industry database.

IMEI itself is a 15 digit international identity number taken from the eight digit Type Allocation Code from the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) to identify telecommunications equipment and devices connected to cellular networks.

Because of its unique nature, each device has a different IMEI. The identity number can be said to be official if the user has a warranty card from the manufacturer, has an Indonesian language manual, and is registered in the TPP (Product Registration Certificate) import.

Whether or not registered with IMEI at TPP can be checked through the Ministry of Industry website and SDPPI certificate ownership.

Now, users can review the IMEI of their cellphone / tablet in the device box. If the cardboard has been lost, the IMEI number can also be checked via * # 06 # on the cellphone. agen poker online indonesia

After that, users can input the IMEI number listed on the screen to the Ministry of Industry website. If registered, the site will display the words ‘IMEI registered in the Ministry of Industry database’ and vice versa.

Waiting For Your Private Home Made Beer Is The Toughest

Made Beer

Waiting For Your Private Home Made Beer Is The Toughest – The rock music artist Tom Petty had successful track that went, “The ready is the toughest half”. And on the subject of brewing your personal beer, perhaps essentially the most troublesome step of all of them is the fermentation and aging course of. In spite of everything, the steps main as much as the time if you anticipate beer to mature is stuffed with exercise. From procuring for brand new tools and elements, to cleansing and preparation to boiling the wort to cooling and making ready for fermentation, it’s a enjoyable course of. And that’s what you need from an awesome passion.

Waiting For Your Private Home Made Beer Is The Toughest

But after getting used all your expertise (to this point) to make an excellent wort that is able to ferment and age, storing and ready for that course of to complete appears to take without end. If that is one among your first batches or should you tried a brand new grain or hops, you’re wanting to see how good the beer will style. And you might be wanting to serve ice chilly residence made bir to pals and household. But you additionally know that in case you break in and interrupt the method too quickly, the beer you drink can be unsatisfactory and never practically as wealthy and flavorful as how it will likely be when the aging course of is completed. So that you wait, typically impatiently.

One option to proceed having fun with the “enjoyable half” of dwelling brewing is to have contemporary batches of bir in manufacturing every week. Should you went that route, you’ll finally find yourself with lots of beer in varied levels of fermentation and aging and you’ll have up to now and mark the storage bottles so you realize which beer is prepared to make use of and which wants extra time to achieve maturity. And when you think about that a median minimal measurement of a house beer brewing cycle leads to 5 gallons of beer, that may imply you should have a whole lot of completed beer round except you may have an enormous viewers of beer drinkers that will help you drink up the stuff.

The time between when beer is bottled after the brewing course of is full till it is able to style may be anyplace from six weeks to six months in the event you embrace each fermentation and aging. The precise aging course of is fairly fascinating and understanding it helps you develop endurance for nature to take its course. During fermentation, the yeast will work to vary the construction of the sugar that was a part of the brewing course of. Because the fermentation continues, carbon dioxide is created and this offers your beer that bubbly high quality that’s a giant a part of the enchantment of the beverage daftar poker online terpercaya.

It’s value it to let the method naturally cure the beer so these undesirable byproducts naturally work their approach out of the completed product. It does take a variety of persistence to be a brewer, even a house brewer as a result of permitting the aging course of to supply excellent beer might take over a month and even longer. But this ready is simply as a lot an element of constructing nice beer because the boiling and fermenting so it’s important to nurture the affected person facet of your self to get an awesome consequence.

Versus maybe your impression earlier than you grew to become a house brewer, you won’t retailer the beer within the refrigerator throughout this section as a result of colder temperatures truly cease the fermentation course of. That’s the reason you retain milk in there.

Instead plan to arrange a “fermentation room” that wills keep at a continuing cool temperature between sixty five and seventy five levels any time of the 12 months. This must be a room the place you’ll be able to obtain some temperature management so the beer stays in a stable atmosphere to succeed in an ideal taste. It’s also a room you will not really feel the necessity to go to and interrupt the fermentation course of. You may draw among the beer out as early as four weeks from the beginning of fermentation. But for the absolute best style on your beer, it’s best to give this course of two to 4 months for enough aging.

Kridosono Stadium Affected by Strong Winds

Kridosono Stadium Affected by Strong Winds – After the rain accompanied by strong winds that hit Yogyakarta. Kridosono Stadium was reportedly affected. The stadium, which is located in Kotabaru Village, Gondokusuman District, Yogyakarta City, is known to be the JogjaROCKarta venue, as before.

Kridosono Stadium Affected

Even though the walls have collapsed, Kridosono Stadium will still be the location of a music festival that is often awaited by the fans of this rock genre. This was stated by Marketing and Communication JogjaROCKAarta Ovie Ermawati.

“Stay at the Kridosono Stadium according to the initial plan,” Ovie said, contacted by, Friday night.

Just like the location, the concert time will also not be shifted, in accordance with the schedule that has been planned in advance.

Touched about the anticipation of the JogjaROCKarta committee on the potential for rain, Ovie said, it had no problem. It’s just that he hoped, there were no strong winds during the event.

“Hopefully the day of the day will run smoothly, no rain and strong winds like today. Even if the rain drops a little, we think rock music is not a problem, the audience is getting more and more exciting while moshing [action banging the body during a concert] hehe,” explained Ovie.

JogjaROCKarta will be held again in 2020, precisely on Sunday, March 1, starting at 16.00 WIB. After successfully bringing Extreme and Power Trip in the previous year, at JogjaROCKarta 2020, there will be a legendary rock band Scorpions and Whitesnake who are ready to entertain rock music lovers at Kridosono Stadium.

Reported earlier, rain accompanied by strong winds hit most of Yogyakarta. The impact, not only fallen trees, the walls of the Kridosono Stadium and the parking area of ​​the Bethesda Hospital also reportedly collapsed. MenangCeme

This news began to be known to the public after the official account @JogjaUpdate shared a video of the condition of the wall that collapsed on Twitter. Nevertheless, until Friday night around 19:00 IWST, BPBD DIY claimed that they had not received data about the impact on the walls of the Kridosono Stadium after strong winds occurred.

“In the Kridosono Stadium, while there is only information on fallen trees, while in Bethesda, we have not received official information from the hospital, but have heard the news,” said Eko, BPBD DIY officer via telephone

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method – The death toll from the corona virus outbreak in China’s Hubei Province again set a daily record on Thursday (12/2). The figure is 242, bringing the total number of deaths in the province to 1,310, the provincial health commission said.

The latest figure has doubled from the previous daily record on Monday (10/2), which is 103 deaths. The number of new sufferers in Hubei, the center of the Covid-19 virus outbreak also rose by 14,840 people when the health commission said the adoption had begun to include people diagnosed through new clinical methods implemented since Thursday.

The Commission said it had revised old data and suspected cases. The most recent deaths include more than 100 cases diagnosed clinically.

State media reported last week that Hubei would begin recognizing the results of a tomographic scan via computer to confirm the infection. The move allows the hospital to more quickly isolate patients.

Reuters last month reported that the limited RNA test equipment in the capital city of Hubei Province, Wuhan, may have delayed patients from undergoing a diagnosis and getting proper treatment. Thus contributing to the spread of the virus in the first few days of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The total number of corona virus cases in Hubei Province has now reached 48,206, according to commission data, quoted from Reuters.

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method

The Huberi Health Commission said in a statement, quoted from the SCMP, that it had changed the diagnostic criteria used to confirm corona cases. Changes in diagnosis have been made since Thursday (12/2), which means doctors now have wider discretion to determine which patients have been infected.

From now on, we will enter the number of patients diagnosed clinically into the confirmed number of patients, so patients can be treated immediately, said a health official. Previously, patients could only be diagnosed with test kits whose supplies were running low in China.

Hubei previously only allowed confirmation of infection with an RNA test which could take days to process and delay treatment. This RNA or ribonucleic acid carries genetic information that allows identification of organisms such as viruses.

Using a new methodology such as CT scan will reveal lung infections to help patients receive treatment as soon as possible. This method can also increase the chance for greater recovery.

Health expert Tong Zhaohui said the move was in line with the latest guidelines issued by the National Health Commission to include clinical diagnoses, using CT scans and other tests. When doctors diagnose pneumonia, they only get a 20-30 percent etiology of the disease. We have to rely on a clinical diagnosis of 70-80 percent. Increasing cases of clinical diagnosis will help us determine the condition of the disease, he said.

Surge In Corona Sufferers From The New Diagnostic Method. Chinese political specialist at the School of Global Policy & Strategy at UC San Diego, Victor Shih, said the sudden jump in new cases raised questions about China’s commitment to transparency. Adjusting the data today proves beyond doubt that they already have double-digit numbers to be confirmed infected so far, he said.

Shih said, if that was not the case, the government might not have added so many new cases in one day. A very disturbing aspect of the new number today is that the majority of new cases have occurred in Wuhan, but what if the rest of Hubei Province still does not adjust their reporting methods? he said, quoted by Reuters.

China seems to be trying to convince the world of its ability to handle the spread of corona. Chinese President Xi Jinping called President Joko Widodo on Tuesday (11/2), expressing his belief in being able to fight against corona.

Xi expressed his appreciation for the trust and understanding of Indonesia as a friendly country. Xi was quoted as saying by the local official media, as fellow developing countries, China and Indonesia, must join hands to assume joint responsibility for achieving new progress. Link Bandar Ceme

According to the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC), it is ready to continue traditional friendships with Indonesia, continue to deepen the synergy of the development strategies of both parties, and implement major projects within the framework of the Road Belt Initiative (BRI), especially the Jakarta rapid train project -Bandung.

Xi stressed that his party was now prioritizing the fight against the epidemic by igniting the enthusiasm of its people in preventing and controlling epidemics, taking preventative measures in a rigorous manner, and thoroughly to get positive results.

President Jokowi on behalf of the government and people of Indonesia expressed his sympathy to the government and the people of China in overcoming the plague. According to him, Indonesia has provided medical assistance to China and will continue to offer assistance needed by the Chinese side.

Overall data noted, there have been 60 thousand positive cases of corona. The data is taken from the number of sufferers worldwide, with only 59,539 sufferers in mainland China. Of the total sufferers, 5,680 of them were declared to have recovered.

Yudian Wahyudi Clarifies Words That Become Polemics

The head of the Pancasila Ideology Development Agency (BPIP), Yudian Wahyudi, is currently in the public spotlight regarding his statement about religion being the greatest enemy of Pancasila.

Yudian Wahyudi

Yudian Wahyudi Clarifies Words That Become Polemics

Yudian also clarified the matter of his statement. According to Yudian, the explanation in question is not the religion as a whole, but those who contrast religion with Pancasila. Because, according to him, in terms of sources and objectives, Pancasila is religious or religious.

“Because the five precepts can be found easily in the six religious scriptures that have been recognized constitutionally by the Republic of Indonesia,” said the Chancellor of UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Wednesday (02/12/2020). ceme online

Therefore, according to Yudian, Pancasila is a pillar. To do so requires loyalty or other secular languages, but not secularism. Then it requires time, actors, budget, and also planning.

“Give our example, we want to realize the unity of Indonesia. We look for who the committee is, when the place is, what the budget is like, what the event is, the name of human and human affairs here means Indonesian people,” explained Yudian.

It’s just that in this relationship tensions often occur. There are minority groups who claim majority and they bang. So this is what Yudian meant, as ‘the religion of enemies of the Pancasila’.

“If they are not good at managing the behavior of these religions, they will become the biggest enemies. Why? Because everyone is a religion, whose religion is read when Islam meets, who is Islam, that’s what I mean,” said Yudian.

That way, Yudian argues, the relationship between Pancasila and religion must be managed properly. As for those who must refrain and who must realize themselves, namely the majority.

“So I want to emphasize that Pancasila is not a thogut, Pancasila if our language is Islamic. Because it is all in the Koran and also Hadiths. What I mean is enemies of religion from within religion,” he said.

Furthermore, Yudian explained, what he criticized was religious people who use religion on behalf of the majority, but in fact they are a minority. They clashed with the religion they claimed with Pancasila. If this is left alone, religion will be the biggest enemy. “Then we must be able to manage religious relations with Pancasila well,” Yudian said.

Furthermore, Yudian also criticized the news related to himself about the religion of the greatest enemy of Pancasila. According to Yudian, the news was not complete, or something was cut. In fact, the title is as arbitrary as possible.

However, if the video is quoted in full, said Yudian, the public will understand if the title of the news is out of context.

Jokowi Will Not Repatriate ISIS Ex-Indonesian Citizens

ISIS Ex Indonesian

Jokowi Will Not Repatriate ISIS Ex-Indonesian Citizens – Indonesian President Joko Widodo is firmly opposed to returning ISIS to return to Indonesia for any reason.

Jokowi wants to guarantee the safety of 267 million people of Indonesia, so Jokowi will not repatriate the Ex-ISIS called the Ex-Indonesian citizen.

Jokowi Will Not Repatriate ISIS Ex-Indonesian Citizens

“I think yesterday it was clearly stated that the government has the responsibility to safeguard the Republic of Indonesia and protect the 267 million inhabitants of Indonesia that we prioritize, for that the government has no plans to repatriate the people who were there, ISIS ex Indonesian citizen,” said Jokowi

The next instruction was, Jokowi ordered that 689 people be identified to register and would be included in immigration to be prevented from entering Indonesia.

Jokowi did not explain further their citizenship status, but clearly Jokowi had mentioned that they had become Ex-Indonesian citizens.

The directive was delivered and decided by Jokowi to the minister and also the ranks of the heads of related institutions at the Presidential Palace in Bogor .

“The government firmly will not repatriate terrorists. It will not repatriate FTF (foreign terrorist Fighter) to Indonesia which is spread from Syria to Turkey”. Said Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law, Mahfud Md poker online cepat.

Because after all terrorists are not allowed to return to Indonesia at all because it would be very dangerous to the other population.

Redical understanding that has changed the thinking of the former ISIS, who was an Indonesian citizen, will greatly jeopardize the sovereignty or security of Indonesia.

So the decision taken by the President of Indonesia is a very appropriate decision to protect the existing sovereignty and security of the Republic of Indonesia.

Sixty One Chinese Citizens Who Were Repatriated from Bali

Sixty One Chinese Citizens Who Were Repatriated from Bali, Denpasar – As many as 61 Chinese citizens who were picked up back to their countries were declared in good health.

“Clear for 61 passengers. There is no fever. Based on examination from the medical team, declared worthy of flight. The principle is worthy of flight. Cabin crew and pilots use sterile clothing,” said Head of Denpasar Port Health Office, Lucky Tjahjono.

Sixty One Chinese Citizens

Aircraft belonging to the Chinese Eastern airline arrived at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport

During 111 minutes at Ngurah Rai Airport, various stringent steps were taken by the airport to anticipate the corona virus outbreak.

“Everything is in accordance with the applicable SOP, as well as requests from the PRC, doctors from the PRC to re-examine. Inspections carried out with sterile clothing on the stairs of the aircraft, so not in the apron,” said Head of the Regional Airport Authority Office, Elfi Amir. Menang Ceme

During the repatriation process, a number of infrastructures have also been specially prepared to serve passengers heading to Wuhan, Hubei, China.

For the check-in process, we have prepared a special check-in counter located at Island D International Departure Terminal. We have also prepared a special parking stand in the southern apron area to accommodate the aircraft that will pick up, namely parking number 53, “said General Manager of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Herry Sikado

We have cleared this area, for the sake of the smooth return process. From the ground handling side, everything has been prepared, from the officers who assist in accompanying passengers from check-in to the departure lounge, as well as in providing Apron Passenger Bus that transports passengers from the departure terminal to the parked aircraft, “he continued.

During parking, neither the crew nor the aircraft’s medical team with flight number MU 799 were allowed to disembark. Sixty One Chinese Citizens

Wuhan which is the capital of Hubei is the city of origin of the spread of the corona virus. Globally until Saturday afternoon, data from Johns Hopkins University recorded death from the corona virus reaching 725 people. Of that number, 723 of them are in China, one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines

Emergency Status of Corona Virus Rises, Singaporeans Panic at Supermarket Invasion

Emergency Status of Corona Virus Rises, Singaporeans Panic at Supermarket Invasion – Singaporeans flocked to supermarkets after the government raised the emergency status of the corona virus from yellow to orange.

on the show field yesterday from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon (2/8/2020), large supermarkets such as NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, and Giant were crowded.

Old people, young people, husband and wife, to mothers securing emergency needs, with items that were quickly struck by one of them bathroom tissue, instant noodles, to detergent.

For example at FairPrice Xtra Vivo City. There was almost no raw meat left when the new clock entered 14.00 noon local time. A very rare thing to happen.

Likewise, instant noodles from various different brands, including Indonesian Indomie products, are sold out quickly.

Emergency Status of Corona Virus Rises, Singaporeans Panic at Supermarket Invasion

It was seen that the supermarket staff continued to increase the supply of instant noodles to avoid a vacancy.

Citizens of “Singa” are also willing to queue long to pay for a pile of goods that have been loaded into a large supermarket trolley.

As is known the Singapore government announced to raise the status of the corona virus outbreak or DORSCON to an emergency level on Friday afternoon (2/7/2020).

The change in status was caused by an increase in three cases of the corona virus, with a total of 33 infected victims.

The source of the virus in the three cases so far cannot be traced and is not transmitted directly by patients from Wuhan, the origin of the pathogen which killed 724 people in China. Ceme Online Terpercaya

The orange color means that the spread of the virus is at a very serious stage, spreading easily from human to human but not yet comprehensive throughout the community.

Government reactions and citizen comments
Panic-buying or panic that made residents storm the supermarket made the Singapore government speak up.

There is no risk that Singapore will run out of daily staples. We also have a national inventory warehouse, said Minister of Industry and Trade Chan Chun Sing.

While Chief Executive of FairPrice, who is also a member of parliament Seah Kian Peng, called on residents to stop this spending and not have to stockpile basic needs.

“Our stock can be continuously updated. But if all continue to buy more than needed, then the amount will never be enough. Let’s calm down, “pleaded Seah.

When trying to check, it’s true that the stock of goods in Singapore supermarkets is replenished quickly by local authorities.

Speaking with residents who also invaded the supermarket, Jason said he decided to buy more bread to stock up if anything happens.

I bought as a precaution if for example the situation worsened until I could not leave the house. When that happens, it will be difficult to get food, he said.

However, not all residents also think the same to hoard food stocks. One of them is Eunice Lee.

“I really went to the supermarket. But only to buy items that have been used up at home such as rice and yogurt. “Said the professional in the field of technology.

Eunice believes that out of stock will always be replaced quickly so that there is no need to panic buying at the supermarket.

Megawati Inaugurates the Bung Karno Statue

Accompanied by Prabowo and Puan, Megawati inaugurated the Bung Karno Statue – House Speaker Puan Maharani accompanied the 5th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri in the inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue at the Magelang Military Academy Complex, Central Java, Friday (02/07/2020).

Megawati Inaugurates the Bung Karno Statue

Megawati Inaugurates the Bung Karno Statue

The inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue was also attended by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and Kasad General Andika Prakasa and Akmil Governor Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurahman.

The inauguration of the Bung Karno Statue was done by signing the inscription carried out by Megawati as Chair of the Steering Committee of the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP).

Puan said, Bung Karno’s statue in Akmil Magelang was proof that the founding of Akmil Magelang was inseparable from Bung Karno’s role as the First President of the Republic of Indonesia. agen poker deposit pulsa

Soekarno inaugurated Akmil Magelang while serving as Supreme commander of the Indonesian Armed Forces on November 11, 1957. “There was a handwriting of Bung Karno who explained that Akmil Magelang was a continuation of the National Military Academy (AMN) in Yogyakata,” Puan said in a written statement, Friday (2/7/2020).

According to Puan, Soekarno’s handwriting enshrined in an inscription was a historical marker and needed to be known by the younger generation. “So the current generation must know that there are traces and roles of Bung Karno in Akmil Magelang,” he said.

Furthermore, Puan hopes, the existence of the first statue of the President of the Republic of Indonesia can be a reminder for all cadets and early cadets of the founding of Akmil. “All cadets and cadets can remember that the initial spirit of the formation of Akmil was to give birth to the best officers of the Army,” he said.

Indonesian 5th President Megawati Soekarnoputri met Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto in Akmil Magelang. This is in line with the inauguration of the Soekarno Statue.

Based on AFP monitoring on Friday (2/7/2020), Megawati’s group arrived at the Akmil complex, Magelang District, welcomed by Defense Minister Prabowo Subianto and Akmilm Governor Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurahman.

Megawati was accompanied by Speaker of the Indonesian Parliament Puan Maharani and the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo.

At present, a sociodrama on the history of the National Military Academy (AMN) is being held, the move from Yogyakarta to Magelang on November 11, 1957.

The sociodrama took place at the Pancasila Field, Akmil Complex, Magelang. Even though the rain did not dampen the ongoing socio drama.

Megawati’s meeting with Prabowo, which was known to be open to the public, was held at the Megawati residence on Jalan Teuku Umar, ahead of the formation of the last cabinet.

Profil Lengkap Member Blackpink Siapa Yang Kamu Suka ?


Profil Lengkap Member Blackpink Siapa Yang Kamu Suka ?– Siapa di sini yang tak kenal dan menyukai para gadis cantik dari negeri Ginseng ini ? idol grup yang di beri nama BLACKPINK ini begitu mencuri perhatian bagi pasang mata yang melihat. Girband yang beranggotakan 4 gadis cantik ini memiliki begitu banyak fans.

Profil Lengkap Member Blackpink Siapa Yang Kamu Suka ?

Masing-masing member nya juga menjadi standar cantik bagi wanita lain di korea. Grup berusan YG entertainment ini adalah grup kedua setelah 2Ne1 yang begitu terkenal tak hanya di korea saja namun juga di luar negeri.

Para fans blackpink ini menyebut diri mereka dengan sebutan blink. Lantas siapakah nama dan juga profil lengkap dari member ini ? Mari simak bersama-sama mengenai profilnya.

  • Jennie

Memiliki nama lengkap Jennie Kim ini lahir di Anyang, Korea Selatan pada tanggal 16 januari 1996. Lahir di Korea, namun ia tumbuh besar dan bersekolah di New Zealand. Tak hanya itu saja, ia juga menempuh mendidikan di Belanda. Sebelum bergabung dan debut bersama Blackpink, ia sudah banyak berkolaborasi dengan artis korea lainnya salah satunya yakni G-Dragon, Seungri dan masih banyak lagi.

Jennie memiliki kemampuan dasar berbahasa inggris dan jepang. Gadis imut ini menyukai warna hitam dan pink. Ia juga sangat menyukai berbagai jenis susu segar dan yogurt segar bandar poker online terpercaya.

Posisinya di blackpink yakni main rapper dan vokalis.

  • Jisoo

Sebagai member tertua di blackpink, ia memiliki nama lengkap yakni Kim Ji Soo lahir di Seoul pada tanggal 3 januari  1995 dengan tinggi mencapai 162 cm. Telah bergabung bersama YG ketika berumur 16 tahun, Jisoo menjalani training selama 5 tahun lamanya sebelum di umumkan debut bersama Blackpink. Berperan sebagai lead vokal tentunya ia juga bertanggung jawab terhadap ketiga member nya yang lain.

Ia hobi berolahraga dan juga membaca manga.

  • Rose

Member ketiga bernama Roseanne Park, lahir di New Zealand pada tanggal 11 februari 1197. Meskipun ia berdarah asli orang Korea, namun ia tumbuh besar di Australia. Ia berhasil menjadi anggota blackpink yang terakhir setelah berhasil lulus audisi di Australia.

Setelah itu ia bertolak kembali ke Korea untuk menjalani masa training bersama YG kurang lebih 4 tahun lamanya.

Berperan sebagai lead vokal, tentunya suara Rose tak perlu di ragukan lagi. Suaranya yang mampu mencapai oktaf tinggi menjadikan nya selalu mengisi bagian lagu blackpink dengan nada tinggi.

  • Lisa

Maknae atau member termuda milik blackpink ini bernama asli Lalisa Manoban berasal dan lahir di Bangkok, Thailand pada tanggal 27 maret 1997. Dengan tinggi badan mencapai 167 cm , membuatnya adalah member tertinggi di grupnya. Meskipun bukan berasal dari Korea, nyatanya ia sangat fasih sekali berbahasa Korea, Inggris dan juga bahasa Jepang.

Ia menjalani masa training kurang lebih 5 tahun bersama blackpink hingga di umumkan YG menjadi member ke 2 resmi dari blackpink.