9 Boyolali Residents Arrested by Police for Persecution

9 Boyolali Residents Arrested by Police for Persecution of Mental Disorder Patients – A person with mental illness is a victim of persecution by nine people in Banyudono, Boyolali, Central Java, Friday (4/24/2020). The police have arrested nine perpetrators of the persecution.

Head of Public Relations Subdivision of Boyolali Police AKP Joko Widodo, representing Boyolali Police Chief, AKBP Rachmad Nur Hidayat, to Solopos.com, Sunday (4/26/2020), said the victim was a person with psychiatric disorders.

The victim on behalf of Arjuna Veri, 47, a resident of Jl Limbungan, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru, Riau, was recorded as a patient of the Charis Foundation, Magelang.

Since 2017, the victim of persecution in Banyudono, Boyolali, was deposited at the foundation to get treatment, but in 2019 he ran away. 9 Boyolali Residents

9 Boyolali Residents

On Friday (4/24/2020) in the early morning, the mental disorder sufferers were around the general fueling location on the Ngangkruk-Banyudono road, Boyolali.

At that time the residents were busy making efforts to guard and secure the area because information circulated many cases of theft.

Residents around who do not know Arjuna, then went to the man. “Because the residents asked the answers were fickle and the situation which heated up the residents hit the person,” said AKP Joko Widodo explained the chronology of the persecution in Banyudono, Boyolali.

3 Underage Agents
After receiving information from witnesses, the police finally arrested nine residents who carried out the persecution. They are MR, 23; YB, 19; BD, 33; AWB, 24; HH, 19, and AW, 23. domino qiu qiu

The other three perpetrators were underage and students, each of whom was ODP, 17; VY, 16, and ATN, 17. They were arrested along with evidence in the form of victim’s clothes, cellphones, wooden blocks, and swords.

A time like this is mutual cooperation, we all need it. We at the DPR also worked hand in hand with Bank Bukopin to provide food for those who work in the DPR RI environment such as cleaning services, office boys, drivers, park workers, firefighters and online motorcycle taxis. The DPR leadership also asked the public to implement the principle of mutual cooperation like this, “explained Puan.

Through the mutual cooperation movement between the executive and legislative institutions as well as the regional government and the community, it is believed that the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) will be an important element in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

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