6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes – Environmentally friendly products lately increasingly popular. Many people are increasingly concerned with the environment. It also relates to the world of fashion.

This area includes a significant impact on environmental sustainability. Lately, clothing production has doubled thanks to fashion trends in retail stores with fast production flow and time periods (Fast Fashion).

Australia is the second country that has the most clothes shopping. Australian women can buy an average of 27 kilograms of new clothes each year.

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes

Even so, environmentally friendly products have begun to be a lot of consideration in buying clothes. Reporting from Harper’s Bazaar, there are six tips for our clothes collection in the closet to be more environmentally friendly.

6 Tips to Have a Collection of Environmentally Friendly Clothes
  • Find Out

Do a little research on who made your clothes, are they made with the concept of “sustainability”? Find out the impact of the production of these materials on the environment. Can it be recycle?

Broadly speaking, clothing materials are divided into three: natural, synthetic and semi-synthetic. Choose materials that are produced in a more environmentally friendly way such as using organic cotton, coloring with natural dyes and packaged with materials that are easily recycled.

  • Buy Vintage Clothes

Fast fashion is clearly toxic to the environment. Recent studies suggest that gas emissions resulting from textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion tons annually (more than those produced by aircraft and ships even if the two are combined).

You can try to buy vintage designer clothes sold online to reduce the carbon footprint.

  • Take Care of Clothes

Don’t just wear it, but also treat it well so it lasts. Store properly, do not be expose to the sun and protect from mold.

If there are broken clothes, refrain from buying again. Just fix it or if you no longer want to use it, it should be donated instead of discarded.

  • Think Carefully Before Buying

The key to environmentally friendly clothing is to invest in clothes that have a long life, ie clothes that are well made will never die of style.

According to statistics, the average woman in Australia uses only 33 percent of her entire collection of clothes and discards 23 kilograms of other clothes each year. Try the # Use30 challenge movement. The point is to buy clothes that will be worn 30 or more times. No need to follow trends and choose clothes that are more durable to wear. Agen Ceme Online

  • Love What You Already Have

You have a pile of clothes in the closet but only once or even have you ever worn them? To make your clothing collection more environmentally friendly, try to be creative in your clothing collection.

The technique of mixing and matching clothes can make you look different without having to buy new clothes.

  • Donate

Instead, donate clothes that are not use. Do the rules of entering one shirt out one shirt, which prevents you from adding new clothes without giving old clothes.

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