5 Places to Eat Japanese Sandwiches

5 Places to Eat Japanese Sandwiches – Japan has a special sandwich named sando. Sando is now served in a Jakarta restaurant with eggs, Wagyu, and fresh fruit stuffing.

Sando is the name for a sandwich in Japan. Usually made from shokupan aka Japanese milk bread as a clamp. This bread is slightly sweet with a soft texture.

In the middle then filled with various foods. Popular types are eggs, katsu, Wagyu, and fresh fruit which are sweet sando types. Sando’s popularity also reached Indonesia. Some restaurants offer this Japanese-style sandwich.

Here are 5 Places to Eat Sando, Japanese Sandwich Fill Eggs to Wagyu

  • Stack
    This sando eating place is arguably the one who popularized Wago Sando. Stack offers the menu for Rp. 190,000. The main component is a rather sweet milk toast.

Wagyu Sando Stack then filled Australian Wagyu. You can choose the level of maturity such as medium rare, agen ceme deposit pulsa, medium well, or well done. For the sauce, use tasty steak sauce.

5 Places to Eat Japanese Sandwiches

  • Haritts
    Haritts is a popular donut brand in Japan that entered Indonesia at the end of November 2019. Its flagship menu, of course, is Japanese-style donuts that resemble b Bajoni. Even so there is also a sando menu option.

There are the contents of beef, katsu, and eggs to try. Sando Egg Salad, for example, is valued at Rp. 48,000. The egg salad filling was tasty and creamy. The pieces are also thick so they are filling.

  • Un Bakes
    The next place to eat sando is at Kelapa Gading Mall 3. Un Bakes has not been open long, but immediately steals the attention with its menus. For example sourdough bombolini contains a variety of legit jams.

There is also Egg Mayo Sandwich, a sando with a slightly cooked boiled egg salad. Another option, Un Bakes has Begg which consists of beef patty, scrambled eggs, red cheddar cheese, and delicious spicy mayo.

  • Laughing Cow
    Concept of ‘beef bar’, a variety of tasty meat preparations are here. There is also a menu of chicken and seafood that is worth a try. For sando fans, no need to worry.

Laughing Cow offers the famous Wagyu Sandwich deliciously. In the form of bread with super soft Wagyu stuffing. Especially if cooked with medium or medium rare level of maturity.

  • Tokyo Sandwich
    Tokyo Sandwich doesn’t have a restaurant, but you can try a variety of sando by ordering it here. Reservations are open every weekend. Sando lovers can’t miss.

There are 3 sando menus namely Egg Mayo Sando, Katsu Sando, and Fruit Sando. Prices start from IDR 18,000 to IDR 30,000. The most expensive variant is Fruit Sando with choices of fruit contents including strawberry, kiwi, mango, or mix fruit.

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