Beach Tourism in Spain Likely Opened in June

Beach Tourism in Spain Likely Opened in June – All beaches in Spain may be re-opened for tourists to visit in mid-June this year. The possibility arises, after the conflict related predictions the tourism industry will not return to normal until the end of 2020.

Spanish Labor Minister Yolanda He faces a big backlash after suggesting hotels and recreation companies might not open again this year, The Sun.

The various resorts on the Spanish mainland, as well as in the Canary Islands and Balearics, are determined to fight that gloomy view. Even though they only accept domestic tourists, until the European border is reopened.

Beach Tourism in Spain Likely Opened in June

A major step is the direction for awareness of visitors to keep each other distance. Or, another way, for example, the beach is given some type of barrier between visitors. The barrier is to mark the distance between people.

Conil de la Frontera is a city famous for beach tourism in Andalusia. The mayor of Conil de la Frontera, Juan Bermudez, considers that measures to control the capacity of the beach are very difficult in several places.

The entire coastline on the Costa de la Luz is wider, controlling capacity is undoubtedly far more complicated, he said.

Andalusian Coast Maintenance Adviser Daniel Barbero strives that coastal tourism can immediately receive tourists. We think that the beach will open on June 15 and will be a ‘Covid Free’ destination, he said.

Barbero explained that both destinations and tourist companies are working hard to readiness to accept tourists when restrictions are lifted. We fully acknowledge the premise that health must take precedence in every decision made, he said. Poker Online Sulawesi Selatan

However, according to him economic conditions cannot be ignored. Because tourism has a large contribution from economic activity, “I am optimistic that from now until the summer the situation will change,” said Mayor of Benalmadena, Víctor Navas.

As for workers in manufacturing, construction, and some services, some returned to work on April 13. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez hopes the pandemic will recede until it is likely to head towards normal conditions in June.

At the end of June, it will enter a new normal if the epidemic remains under control, he said, BBC reported.

9 Boyolali Residents Arrested by Police for Persecution

9 Boyolali Residents Arrested by Police for Persecution of Mental Disorder Patients – A person with mental illness is a victim of persecution by nine people in Banyudono, Boyolali, Central Java, Friday (4/24/2020). The police have arrested nine perpetrators of the persecution.

Head of Public Relations Subdivision of Boyolali Police AKP Joko Widodo, representing Boyolali Police Chief, AKBP Rachmad Nur Hidayat, to, Sunday (4/26/2020), said the victim was a person with psychiatric disorders.

The victim on behalf of Arjuna Veri, 47, a resident of Jl Limbungan, Rumbai Pesisir District, Pekanbaru, Riau, was recorded as a patient of the Charis Foundation, Magelang.

Since 2017, the victim of persecution in Banyudono, Boyolali, was deposited at the foundation to get treatment, but in 2019 he ran away. 9 Boyolali Residents

9 Boyolali Residents

On Friday (4/24/2020) in the early morning, the mental disorder sufferers were around the general fueling location on the Ngangkruk-Banyudono road, Boyolali.

At that time the residents were busy making efforts to guard and secure the area because information circulated many cases of theft.

Residents around who do not know Arjuna, then went to the man. “Because the residents asked the answers were fickle and the situation which heated up the residents hit the person,” said AKP Joko Widodo explained the chronology of the persecution in Banyudono, Boyolali.

3 Underage Agents
After receiving information from witnesses, the police finally arrested nine residents who carried out the persecution. They are MR, 23; YB, 19; BD, 33; AWB, 24; HH, 19, and AW, 23. domino qiu qiu

The other three perpetrators were underage and students, each of whom was ODP, 17; VY, 16, and ATN, 17. They were arrested along with evidence in the form of victim’s clothes, cellphones, wooden blocks, and swords.

A time like this is mutual cooperation, we all need it. We at the DPR also worked hand in hand with Bank Bukopin to provide food for those who work in the DPR RI environment such as cleaning services, office boys, drivers, park workers, firefighters and online motorcycle taxis. The DPR leadership also asked the public to implement the principle of mutual cooperation like this, “explained Puan.

Through the mutual cooperation movement between the executive and legislative institutions as well as the regional government and the community, it is believed that the former Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (PMK) will be an important element in stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Best To Learn About Learning Computer Programming

Best To Learn About Learning Computer Programming

Best To Learn About Learning Computer Programming – So that you wish to be taught laptop programming. You’ve made an excellent selection. Computer programming is a really thrilling area of examine. In truth, it has skilled some spectacular progress over the previous 10 years and reveals no signal of stopping.

Best To Learn About Learning Computer Programming

It is likely one of the few disciplines that specialists say will survive for the following couple of centuries. It’s dynamic, very difficult and fairly rewarding both as a job or as a private pursuit. If studying pc programming is your objective this 12 months, listed below are some belongings you would possibly need to learn about this discipline:

Computer programming wears quite a lot of hats. The phrase programming is typically alternated with coding. Quite merely, it’s a job that requires writing the supply code utilized by laptop packages. To turn out to be a pc programmer, you have to be taught the methods on how to jot down this code.

Since pc applications differ in design and perform, so will the style with which their supply codes are written. Because of this pc programming can’t be used to consult with a single laptop language.

It’s, in truth, a time period that refers to many alternative pc languages. If you wish to study pc programming, take a choose amongst languages reminiscent of COBOL (previous however nonetheless dependable), FORTRAN (nonetheless used in lots of engineering purposes), Java, HTML/XML, Visual Basic, C/C++, PHP, Perl and Python, amongst others.

What you will be studying It will assist in case you have a fundamental data of laptop operation simply earlier than you are available in for courses. However, there are numerous introductory programs on laptop programming the place college students should not required to have a background in computer systems.

The one disadvantage is that you will begin from step 1, actually. Attempt to familiarize your self with computer systems first earlier than taking a newbie class in laptop programming. Your first programs in programming college will normally encompass an summary of the pc programming business – its historical past, pioneers, groundbreaking developments, and many others.

You’ll then be launched to the basics of the self-discipline, together with its theories, definitions and fundamental ideas. This is completed to make sure that you’ve got a superb basis within the language you’ll be specializing in. Once that is executed, your instructor will start educating you programming itself, corresponding to how to put in writing commands and queries.

Your final objective as a pc programmer is primarily to put in writing a collection of very detailed directions utilizing a language that a pc can perceive and execute. Through the course of your studying, this is strictly what your instructor will train you. Where to be taught You shouldn’t have any issues locating a faculty that teaches laptop programming.

You’ll most likely discover an excellent one in your space. Depending on the kind in fact you enroll in, courses will often meet not less than as soon as every week (some meet four instances per week) and final from forty five minutes to an hour. In case you desire, it’s also possible to be taught on-line, supplied you are a self-starter and has the persistence and can to observe by means of.

Personal traits for studying laptop programming It is alleged that you simply study finest if you’re taking your temperament and character into consideration. Whenever you need to dabble or change into an professional in laptop programming, it is no totally different. There are particular traits that profitable laptop programmers exhibit Game Blackjack.

For one, studying pc programming entails loads of arithmetic and logic, which implies you might want to have an excellent quantity of self-self-discipline and persistence throughout class and particularly throughout sensible purposes. You’ll additionally need to be artistic and imaginative, so you possibly can strategy an issue in additional methods than one.

Strict Rules of Prohibition of Homecoming

Strict Rules of Prohibition of Homecoming – Decision President Joko Widodo banned the Lebaran homecoming this year from a strict need. Prohibiting going home without making and enforcing the rules will only make the ban like an appeal. The prohibition also needs to apply not only to prospective travelers from Jakarta and surrounding areas, but also from other cities that are included in the Covid-19 red zone.

According to the government, this homecoming ban will be implemented starting April 24, 2020 and there will be sanctions for violators. Only, the new sanctions will take effect as of May 7, 2020. If so, this rule is actually ambiguous because it means the ban on going home is not effective before May 7. It is possible for potential travelers to flock before that date and bring the corona virus to their hometown. Therefore, the government must move quickly to curb the pace of travelers before May 7 by making a number of restrictions.

Strict Rules of Prohibition of Homecoming

Those who intend to go home are still quite a lot. Based on a survey of the Ministry of Transportation, residents who decided not to go home this year reached 68 percent, while those who insisted on going home were around 24 percent, and the rest had gone home. If the number of travelers from Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok and Bekasi reaches almost 15 million as of 2019, the 24 percent of people who want to go home is not a small amount.

Restrictions can be in the form of guarding the toll booths exiting Jakarta and the harbor crossings. It could also reduce train travel schedules out of town or limit passengers on planes. Of course, officers at these posts must make sure that the person who is going to travel does not have Covid-19.

The government must learn from the ineffective application of large-scale social restrictions in the Greater Jakarta area. The indications are, among other things, that there is still a crowd. Residents who do not wear masks when outside the home are still many. At the train station, people also jostle when waiting in line. Some companies also do not obey the rules to dismiss their employees. Poker Online Jakarta

As a result, the corona case curve in Jakarta has not declined even though social restrictions have been imposed since April 10. According to the latest data, until Tuesday afternoon, April 21, 2020, from the number of 7,135 positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia, 3,729 of them were in Jakarta, with the death toll reaching 305. The rising numbers indicate that the government does not apply strict social restrictions .

After banning going home, the government also needs to improve the management of social assistance so that those who are prevented from returning to their villages can continue to provide for their lives – even if they carry a sign of the inhabitants of their area of origin. This is important, because some people lose their livelihood overseas as a result of a pandemic. Thus, the urge to go home is getting smaller.

Every citizen should realize that the prohibition of going home is to prevent a greater danger, namely the uncontrolled transmission of the corona virus. The movement of people from the epicenter of the plague was as large as spreading pagbukuk throughout the country. Imagine the terrible tragedy that will happen if we insist on going home.

Lukaku Shocking Statement In the Middle of the Pandemic: 23 Inter Players Are Sick

Lukaku Shocking Statement In the Middle of the Pandemic: 23 Inter Players Are Sick – Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku revealed 23 of the 25 players in his team suffered illness at the end of January, or about a month before the first COVID-19 corona virus case was announced in Italy.

This was revealed by Lukaku in an interview session via Instagram Live with the wife of Napoli striker Dries Mertens, Kat Kerkhofs, who is also the presenter of the Belgian television station on Tuesday (4/21/2020).

Lukaku Shocking Statement

Until now Inter have not reported any players who have contracted the corona virus even though the club is based in Lombardia, the province which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy.

“We had a week off in December and when I returned I testified that 23 out of 25 players were sick. I was not joking,” Lukaku said as quoted by the Italian Football website.

“We played against Radja Nainggolan’s Cagliari and after about 25 minutes, one of our defenders had to leave the field. He could not continue playing and almost fainted,” he added.

Lukaku referred to Milan Skriniar, who left the field after the match on January 26, which lasted only 17 minutes and according to official statements because he felt dizzy and had not recovered from the flu he had suffered.

Lukaku Shocking Statement

The first positive COVID-19 patient in Italy was announced on February 21, so Inter players did not undergo an examination related to a disease caused by the new type of corona virus.

Everyone coughs and has a fever. When warming up, I felt my body temperature was higher than usual. I haven’t had a fever for years, “Lukaku said as published by Antara.

“After the match I was actually invited to have dinner with the Puma, but I canceled it and immediately rested. At that time we did not do a COVID-19 examination, so we never knew for certain,” he said tips mudah menang dominoqq

Inter’s squad might later know for sure about Lukaku’s suspicion when they return to training, because the protocol proposed by the Serie A operators requires that each team conduct a blood test to check the antibodies of the players.

Lukaku Shocking Statement

If antibodies are found, it means they were briefly seized by the virus but successfully recovered naturally.

The continuation of the Italian Serie A has not yet been confirmed. The Italian league operator and soccer federation, FIGC, is submitting a proposal for the continuation of the 2019/20 season competition along with health and safety protocols to the Italian government. Lukaku Shocking Statement

Inter appear as a serious title contender at the start of the season guided by new coach Antonio Conte, but are now stuck in third place with 54 points and nine points adrift of Juventus, who were top before the competition was suspended due to the corona pandemic.

Ronaldinho Has Special Requests While Being a House Hold

Ronaldinho Has Special Requests While Being a House Hold

Ronaldinho Has Special Requests While Being a House Hold – Former Star Bercelona Ronaldinho is undergoing his status as a house arrest in the country of Paraguay after he was arrested for a fake passport case that happened to him some time ago.

Ronaldinho Has Special Requests While Being a House Hold

During his house arrest, Ronaldinho was serving time in a four-star hotel in Asuncion to serve his sentence with his brother and also two lawyers.

The former Barcelona and AC Milan player was also the only guest there because Paraguay is currently doing a Lockdown due to the Corona Pandemic at this time.

The Brazilian man himself has a way to get rid of boredom in the middle of house arrest.

For this reason, Ronaldinho has 1 request from the hotel and security forces to ask for a soccer ball and also a place to play.

The Hotel agreed to Ronaldinho’s request by providing a large hall with an area of ​​30×15 meters to be able to play ball.

The Brazilian man played soccer in such a large hall as he could during his house arrest. According to hotel manager Emilio Yegros, the Brazilian was very polite in acting during his detention.

Ronaldinho was never angry and also he really liked to joke, although at first he came with a tense and also looked very stressed, but now it’s different.

The Brazilian man looks like a good person and also with his brother who they were previously arrested by Paraguayan immigration on March 5 after he was caught trying to enter the country using a fake passport Agen Domino.

Ronaldinho was serving time in prison at the Paraguayan Police headquarters prison, but now has been turned into house arrest after paying a security deposit of 1, 6 million dollars.

Perform Physical Distancing Buy Cell Phones Can Use Delivery

Perform Physical Distancing Buy Cell Phones Can Use Delivery – In the midst of the implementation of Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB), delivery service is one of the solutions used by the community to meet needs. By relying on communication networks, foodstuffs, home needs, to electronic devices can be delivered directly to the house.
Delivery service gives consumers the freedom to get the desired product during physical distancing. Some industries that use this service method include grocery, food, and electronics. One that uses this method is Vivo Indonesia.

This mobile manufacturer makes the Home Delivery program. This service is known to come into force at the end of March 2020. Vivo applies cleanliness and safety standards in the service to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In the midst of the current situation, we understand how important it is to stay connected with consumers while maintaining personal health. We have a commitment to continue to provide services and prioritize the safety and comfort of consumers through this Home Delivery Service. We are trying to ensure that all products that reach consumers are in good and clean condition, explained Vivo Indonesia Senior Brand Director Edy Kusuma in a written statement received on Thursday (4/16/2020).


Edy asserted, every product sent had passed the disinfection process during packaging to ensure cleanliness. Vivo applies standard and standard procedures in the product cleaning process.

In the Home to Home service, continued Edy, Vivo ensured that the promoter appointed to deliver was in good health and had undergone a health check. Promoters also use masks and Poker Online Medan hand sanitizers when delivering products. In addition, Vivo applies restrictions on the distance between the promoter and the consumer when the handover of goods at the delivery location.

To get the Antar to Home service, consumers can contact the official representative of Vivo. A list of representative outlets can be found on the website, or contact Vivo Indonesia call center at 08001567800. Home to Home Services has reached several provinces in Java, Sulawesi, Sumatra and East Nusa Tenggara.

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund – The 2019 Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) outbreak has paralyzed the economy. The Government responded by issuing Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 1 of 2020 concerning State Financial Policy and Financial System Stability for Handling Covid-19 Pandemic. With this regulation, the government will make various budget adjustments and shift it to the handling of the epidemic.

Sources of funding used include the remaining excess budget (SAL), endowment funds and the accumulation of endowment funds for education, funds controlled by the state, funds in public service entities, as well as funds originating from reducing state capital participation in state-owned enterprises (BUMN). The government will also issue state debt securities and / or state sharia securities to be purchased by Bank Indonesia, SOEs, corporate investors and retail investors. The government will also determine the sources of budget financing from domestic and foreign sources.

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund

The government should relocate a portion of the infrastructure budget to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic as stated in the 2020 State Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBN) of Rp 419.2 trillion. When compared to the infrastructure budget, the endowment and the accumulation of endowment funds for education are only about half, which is Rp. 60 trillion.

The government should not use education endowment funds to overcome the pandemic. Education is one of the factors driving economic growth (Chapman and Withers, 2002; Barro, 1991; Lucas, 1988). Education will increase the number and quality of the workforce so that productivity will also increase.

The issuance of state debt must also be watched out, bearing in mind the total public debt in 2019 of Rp 9,818.54 trillion, consisting of central government debt of Rp 4,700.5 trillion, BUMN financial debt of Rp 4,125.04 trillion, and debt of non-sector SOEs finance of IDR 944.92 trillion (SUSPI Bank Indonesia, 2020). The issuance of debt securities means opening a widening deficit, which increases debt interest payments, extends the period of debt repayments, and narrows fiscal capacity. If the depreciation of the rupiah continues, this will raise the interest of government securities (SBN), so that the cost of attracting debt will increase. Scenarios for the purchase of SBN or equity participation by SOEs will burden SOE performance and the risk will increase.

Options other than debt that can be considered by the government is to reduce non-productive expenditure on goods expenditure items, especially for official travel, meetings and honorariums for activities. The use of other expenditure items is optimized to support the implementation of policies to anticipate changes in basic macroeconomic assumptions, to provide operational costs for institutions that do not yet have their own budget section codes, support food security, reserve funds for new employee salaries, natural disaster reserve funds, other reserve funds relating to staffing policies, supporting Indonesia’s membership in the United Nations Security Council (UN), and reserve funds for urgent needs.

The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund. Some village funds and special allocation funds can be diverted to handle and mitigate the dissemination of Covid-19 at the village level. First, village funds are allocated through direct cash assistance to the poor in the village or workers affected by termination of employment and migration from cities to villages.

Second, village funds must also be allocated to productive matters to support food production, for example subsidized input goods (fertilizers, pesticides, agricultural equipment). Third, village funds can also be allocated to facilitate the distribution of food from the village to the city so that food supplies run smoothly, given that some food commodity prices in the city have gone up, even scarce. Poker Online Manado

Adjusting the income tax rate for domestic corporate taxpayers and permanent establishments is certainly another next challenge because the tax ratio will go down. So, in the next period, the tax ratio needs to be increased to finance the state budget because in this period it is clear that tax revenue and non-tax national income (PNBP) will decrease. Moreover, the tax ratio trend since 2008 continues to decline, from 13.31 in 2018 to 10.50 in 2018 (World Bank and Ministry of Finance, 2019). Continuing tax revenue requires new breakthroughs, such as providing tax incentives that are associated with subsidies or benefits that will be obtained if people pay taxes. The effectiveness of the Pandemic Antidote Fund.

The authority of the Minister of Finance to provide customs facilities in the form of exemption or relief of import duties is expected to be utilized to facilitate food supply. Moreover, there is a risk of decreased ability to work (productivity) for work that is outdoor because of climate change and the risk of crop failure is greater (McKinsey Global Institute, 2020). In addition, this pandemic has the potential to reduce investment, hamper access to food, reduce production capacity in the food industry, and reduce food supply from abroad and hamper food distribution.

The smooth supply of food is very urgent to reduce the volatility of food prices which causes an increase in inflation, so that the speed of food imports from abroad and the smooth distribution of food are needed at this time. This authority is also expected to facilitate the importation of health infrastructure, bearing in mind that the supply of personal protective equipment, drugs, vitamins and other medical devices is still relatively lacking.

Zaky Aulia Fighting for Education Behind Bars

Zaky Aulia Fighting for Education Behind Bars – Becoming a teacher initially was never aspired to by a Zaky Aulia. However, this 20-year-old girl was even addicted to teaching, after she became a teacher for hundreds of prison residents.

Zaky Aulia Fighting

In fact, Zaky Aulia does not get paid for work as an English teacher. But from there, he found his own satisfaction and because it could be useful by fighting for education for people who are serving sentences for criminal acts.

For Zaky Aulia, everyone has the right and needs education, especially for people who have limitations. Zaky Aulia Fighting

“In the beginning, I didn’t want to teach at all, there was no intention at all to teach and I didn’t want to also go into the world of teaching. But, because I think people need education, especially for people who are less able, people who presumably haven’t gotten education, I haven’t been able to get an education yet, and I have it, so what’s wrong with sharing, “said Zaky Aulia, met recently.

It all started when Zaky Aulia was an apprentice at the Tangerang Community Learning Activity Center (PKBM). Zaky who was initially assigned to take care of the foundation was then given the confidence to teach male prisoners in the age range of 19-50 years in Tangerang City Youth Prison.

Zaky Aulia Fighting

Zaky is believed to teach English to his students three times a week. He also used this opportunity to educate people out there about what life in prison is like. poker online makassar

“My impression while teaching there is honestly happy, because I can have the opportunity to feel the thrill of teaching in prison, and see the actual prison situation. think about, “he said.

As a teenager, Zaky Aulia also claimed to be a hobby of making short video content on Likee. Initially just to relieve stress. But who would have thought, his followers reached 281,000 with the account @ Zakyaull.

Zaky Aulia then saw Likee as an appropriate platform to provide education in various fields. I am designing a concept for learning English together, together (at Likee). I still haven’t thought about such a cool concept now, so hopefully I can quickly think of ideas that can really invite people to want to learn, that’s hope for me, “Zaky said.

Herd Immunity is considered effective for Corona but there will be many casualties

Herd Immunity is considered effective for Corona but there will be many casualties – Herd Immunity is a way to ward off viruses by infecting most people or groups to enhance immunity to fight viruses.

Herd Immunity is considered effective for Corona but there will be many casualties

But unfortunately this is widely opposed by the world because it will cause many deaths during this process and not 100% effective to ward off this Corona Virus.

According to Melinda Gates the wife of Bill Gates said Herd Immunity is not effective for now in preventing or eradicating the corona virus.

Because according to him to achieve Herd Immunity requires a very long time and now humans are still very far to get there.

Then if it is implemented, there will be many fatalities if it is applied throughout the world.

Another thing he believes can effectively stop this Virus pandemic is the right vaccine for this Corona virus.

As previously known the humanitarian mission through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has now found an Ebola vaccine that has succeeded in saving the spread of the virus.

And they claim the fastest time to find a vaccine is 18 months after preclinical testing. He considered that time is the standard time for the discovery of a vaccine so far.

But Melinda also did not deny that Herd Immunity could stop Pandemic but with the risk of many people dying.

According to him the way to keep a distance or Physical Distancing, diligently washing hands, and wearing masks in public places is appropriate to prevent the spread to be wider until the Vaccine can be found.

For this reason, Indonesia itself has implemented several preventive measures taken by the government to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus Poker Online Pontianak.

Hopefully this Pandemic will end soon so that humans can quickly carry out activities normally as before.