Government Reveals Secret Facts Regarding Corona Patient Viral Video Released

Government Reveals Secret Facts Regarding Corona Patient Viral Video Released – Achmad Yurianto, a spokesman for the Indonesian government specifically handling the corona virus Covid-19, revealed a secret fact when responding to the viral video of women patients under surveillance who were released from the hospital without supervision.

Government Reveals Secret Facts

Yurianto admitted, a number of hospitals wanted to maintain their image so they would not be known to treat patients related to the corona virus Covid-19.

This statement was delivered by Yurianto in a video uploaded to Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel on Tuesday (3/17/2020).

Initially, Yurianto explained to Deddy about the patient’s chronology until it was released without supervision. Berita Harian Terbaru

He added, “The hospital says that we do not have treatment facilities. Therefore, please go to another hospital that can treat you. We will give you an introduction. Please, with this introduction, you go to another hospital. Such a mechanism”.

The Secretary of the Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health explained that actually hospitals do not need special facilities to treat Covid-19 patients.

“Actually, if we look at it, if indeed he is convinced, it is the hospital that asks for his specimen to be examined. If he is positive about the clinical condition it does not require special facilities. The important thing is only to be separated from other patients,” Yurianto said.

He continued, “We are well aware that in some hospitals, he keeps his image by not getting caught by people that I treat Covid-19”.

Hearing Yurianto’s statement, Deddy was immediately shocked. He did not think there was a hospital that behaved like that in the middle of the plague.

“Oh my god! Wow!” said Deddy.

Yurianto continued, “If we find out later all the other patients won’t come. This is business. Then welcome to Indonesia”.

“You have added a lot of work, sir,” Deddy said.

The government, through Yurianto, never wanted to release the name of the hospital because of such considerations. Except for the Hospital Sulianti Saroso and Friendship Hospital which has become a reference for COVID-19 patients.

“That’s what happened. A lot of hospitals rejected this case. That’s from the beginning, we never wanted to mention the name of the hospital,” he said.

Deddy then asked, “Is this hospital against the law, no?”

“Violating. May he reject the patient for a clear reason. May he refer the patient for a clear reason. Not that it’s like the market. Please look for yourself. We don’t want to accept,” Yurianto answered.

He claimed this was a big homework for the government especially when facing the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We know that the hospital no longer has a social function. The hospital is a business now. A hotel with a nurse boy room,” Yurianto said.

He explained that the Ministry of Health had regulations on this case. But Yurianto regretted that there were patients who complained on social media.

“The regulation is clear. If possible it is not able to treat it please, but there is a mechanism. Make a good reference. Take him or provide a complete supporting examination first and then send it. But it’s not like that,” he said. Government Reveals Secret Facts

Yurianto said that he would speak with the hospital association concerned in providing sanctions.

“Obviously this ethic is not true. We will talk with the hospital association. Please get your yellow card. If it is still (problematic), just give a red card,” he said.

1 Foreigners of Columbus Passenger Isolated in Semarang because of Corona PDP

1 Foreigners of Columbus Passenger Isolated in Semarang because of Corona PDP – A passenger of the MV Columbus Cruise Ship is treated in the isolation room of RSUP dr. Kariadi as a patient under supervision (PDP) Corona or Covid-19. Previously, the ship had leaned in the Port of Tanjung Emas in Semarang City and dropped its passengers to travel on Friday, March 13, 2020.

The patient is a 73-year-old British citizen. RSUP medical staff dr. Kariadi had conducted an initial examination of the patient’s lung condition. “X-ray images of X-rays according to PDP criteria,” said Director of Medical and Nursing Dr. Kariadi Hospital, Agoes Oerip Purwoko, Sunday, March 15, 2020.

According to him, another consideration that makes patients enter isolation treatment is the history of the ship’s journey before anchoring in Semarang City. Previously, the ship was also refused to lean in the city of Surabaya.

1 Foreigners of Columbus Passenger Isolated in Semarang because of Corona PDP

Agoes said that the patient came to RSUP Dr. Kariadi on an ambulance. She was taken by her husband who was later diagnosed as a person in monitoring Covid-19.

The patient was thought to be ill when he got off the ship. The reason is, when he came to RSUP Dr. Kariadi he brought his medical records which stated he was ill. “He brought medical records from the ship’s doctor,” said Agoes.

The Bahamas-flagged ship underwent an inspection before pulling over at Tanjung Emas Harbor last Friday, March 13, 2020. The ship just leaned at 11.30 because it had to undergo an inspection. The arrival of the ship was almost the same as the Friday prayer call. 99Bandar

When leaning the ship was delayed several hours from the initial schedule. New ships are allowed to lean after being declared safe. “From the inspection results informed by the KKP that all passengers and crew are clear and clean,” said the Head of the Central Java Health Service Yulianto Prabowo, after the ship had leaned.

According to him, officers have checked the ship’s travel documents. Officers from the Semarang Port Health Office were also said to have checked the condition of all passengers and crew.

There were not many checks that passed by the Columbus Ship passengers when they set foot in the Tanjung Emas Port Arrival Terminal. They only pass through a thermal scanner and only a few passengers are tested using a thermal gun.

The travelers then strolled out of the terminal and immediately entered the bus that had been waiting in the yard. They then took a cruise around the city of Semarang. However, later there was one passenger of the ship who was treated at RSUP Dr. Kariadi as a patient under treatment. Whereas before all the passengers and crew claimed clear and clean.

5 Places to Eat Japanese Sandwiches

5 Places to Eat Japanese Sandwiches – Japan has a special sandwich named sando. Sando is now served in a Jakarta restaurant with eggs, Wagyu, and fresh fruit stuffing.

Sando is the name for a sandwich in Japan. Usually made from shokupan aka Japanese milk bread as a clamp. This bread is slightly sweet with a soft texture.

In the middle then filled with various foods. Popular types are eggs, katsu, Wagyu, and fresh fruit which are sweet sando types. Sando’s popularity also reached Indonesia. Some restaurants offer this Japanese-style sandwich.

Here are 5 Places to Eat Sando, Japanese Sandwich Fill Eggs to Wagyu

  • Stack
    This sando eating place is arguably the one who popularized Wago Sando. Stack offers the menu for Rp. 190,000. The main component is a rather sweet milk toast.

Wagyu Sando Stack then filled Australian Wagyu. You can choose the level of maturity such as medium rare, agen ceme deposit pulsa, medium well, or well done. For the sauce, use tasty steak sauce.

5 Places to Eat Japanese Sandwiches

  • Haritts
    Haritts is a popular donut brand in Japan that entered Indonesia at the end of November 2019. Its flagship menu, of course, is Japanese-style donuts that resemble b Bajoni. Even so there is also a sando menu option.

There are the contents of beef, katsu, and eggs to try. Sando Egg Salad, for example, is valued at Rp. 48,000. The egg salad filling was tasty and creamy. The pieces are also thick so they are filling.

  • Un Bakes
    The next place to eat sando is at Kelapa Gading Mall 3. Un Bakes has not been open long, but immediately steals the attention with its menus. For example sourdough bombolini contains a variety of legit jams.

There is also Egg Mayo Sandwich, a sando with a slightly cooked boiled egg salad. Another option, Un Bakes has Begg which consists of beef patty, scrambled eggs, red cheddar cheese, and delicious spicy mayo.

  • Laughing Cow
    Concept of ‘beef bar’, a variety of tasty meat preparations are here. There is also a menu of chicken and seafood that is worth a try. For sando fans, no need to worry.

Laughing Cow offers the famous Wagyu Sandwich deliciously. In the form of bread with super soft Wagyu stuffing. Especially if cooked with medium or medium rare level of maturity.

  • Tokyo Sandwich
    Tokyo Sandwich doesn’t have a restaurant, but you can try a variety of sando by ordering it here. Reservations are open every weekend. Sando lovers can’t miss.

There are 3 sando menus namely Egg Mayo Sando, Katsu Sando, and Fruit Sando. Prices start from IDR 18,000 to IDR 30,000. The most expensive variant is Fruit Sando with choices of fruit contents including strawberry, kiwi, mango, or mix fruit.

What Are The Percentages Of Finding Mr. Right Online

What Are The Percentages Of Finding Mr. Right Online

What Are The Percentages Of Finding Mr. Right Online – The percentages of discovering your “soul-mate” on-line are loads higher than you might imagine. It doesn’t occur for everybody, in fact, however it could actually occur for you. The world of web or on-line courting has exploded over the previous couple of years.

What Are The Percentages Of Finding Mr. Right Online

As our lives grow to be busier and busier we have to make higher use of our time and power in our seek for the one man who will make our lives full.

The previous saying, “You should kiss quite a lot of frogs earlier than you discover a princess” is not true. Why kiss frogs when you possibly can learn a whole lot of profiles and take a look at the images that go together with them for a small month-to-month payment? That saves time and money…not to say lip burn.

These are just a few good causes to contemplate on-line courting:
(1) There’s a variety of males to select from. You aren’t restricted to the males in your social circle or work atmosphere.

(2) You’ve the chance to get to know loads a couple of man earlier than you ever contact him for the primary time. You’ll know his age, marital standing, what metropolis he lives in, whether or not he has kids, his top/weight and his likes and dislikes all from his profile. You’ll even see an image of him QILINPOKER.

(3) You could have a greater probability to current your self in a good means. This is particularly helpful for these of us who’re shy. We’ve time to consider how we need to say issues about ourselves and may keep away from being tongue tied. Even these who’re extra extroverted can take time to replicate on who they actually are earlier than writing their on-line profile.

(4) Online courting is definitely a time saver. You possibly can meet so many extra males in quite a bit much less time than you ever might out in the true world.

The Philippine Government Officially Establishes The Manila

The Philippine government officially establishes the Manila metro area as the Coona-19 corona virus quarantine area. Thus, Manila is now closed to anyone who wants to leave or enter the region.

The Philippine Government

The blockade on the city of Manila was imposed in line with government policies that raised Covid-19’s alert status to Code Red.

Therefore, the Philippine health authorities found the spread of the corona virus was no longer due to foreigners but local transmission.

“Manila is blocked. “Community quarantine is enforced for all residents of Metro Manila,” President Rodrigo Duterte said when announcing the policy, Thursday night.

Duterte himself claimed, the lockdown policy towards Manila had no political value, but rather for reasons of preventing Covid-19.

To be known, the opposition considered Duterte deliberately blockaded Manila for fear of falling power. “It’s purely a blockade. There is no power struggle here … It’s just a matter of protecting and defending you from COVID-19,” Duterte claims.

Duterte said domestic land, air and sea travel to and from Metro Manila would be prohibited during this period. The Philippine Government

The suspension of all school activities at all levels in Manila, which began on March 10, will be extended until April 12, 2020.

However, Duterte stressed that the mass transportation system will continue to operate throughout the quarantine period.

“All manufacturing, retail and service companies will continue to operate during the same period, as long as they follow the terms of the requirements,” he said. MenangCeme

Duterte also said that work in all government agencies — except for health and emergency workers — was suspended. To note, the Philippines has until now confirmed 52 cases of the corona virus. Of that total, 2 of them died.

At BATC 2020 which took place at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum, Manila, the Indonesian men’s team team managed to come out as champions while creating a hat trick title after beating Malaysia 3-1.

“We are pleased from two aspects. First, the Asian Championship is continuing because it is important as the closing (qualification period) of the 2020 Olympics,” said PBSI Secretary General Achmad Budiharto.

“Secondly, this was held in a place that was quite familiar to us and the place was quite good. The security side was maintained. Between the GOR and the nearby Hotel was only five minutes walking.”

The Philippine Government

“The weather in Manila is also not much different from Indonesia. So (BWF’s decision) is fun,” he added.

For information, BWF moved the location of the implementation of BAC 2020 in response to the Corona or Covid-19 virus outbreak.

Wuhan, China as the initial location of the implementation became the first city affected by the deadly virus. Access to Wuhan has now been restricted and heavily guarded.

Despite the relocation of the venue, the date of the BAC 2020 has not changed. BWF ensure that the tournament will be held on 21-26 April.

Choi Siwon Main to Raffi Ahmad’s House was treated to Sate and Manggis

Choi Siwon Played to Raffi Ahmad’s House was treated to Sate and Manggis – Choi Siwon surprisingly played at the house of Raffi Ahmad and Nagita Slavina in Andara, Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta on Tuesday, March 10, 2020. The arrival of Super Junior personnel was fun not only for the host but also for the entire crew of Rans Entertainment, a company engaged in the industry Raffi Ahmad’s entertainment.

“OMG is this a dream ???? III There is Uncle @siwonchoi at Andara Aa Rafathar’s House @ SiwonChoiKeRans,” Raffi wrote to the upload before dawn Wednesday. In the uploaded photo, Rafathar looks sharply at the camera with his back to the dining table and Choi Siwon. The UNICEF ambassador to Korea was presented with mangosteen fruit and chicken satay. which will not be found in Korea.

Raffi also uploaded on her Instagram Story. Siwon played to Andara, to my house, it’s really cool. Korean artist Siwon came here, really cool, thank you brother, thank you so much, Korea yeay. Thank you SM Entertainment, he said. Siwon also seemed very happy to make a return visit to Raffi’s house. “Indonesia,” Siwon said while replying to Nagita’s greeting.

To welcome Siwon’s arrival, Raffi also invited his best friend, Gading Marten. We can have dinner with Siwon at Andara’s cage, there is my neighbor, Gading, he said. Gading immediately chimed in, “Hey, there’s Siwon, there’s a Wasp, there’s Rafa.”

When traveling around the world, Raffi Ahmad, Nagita and Rafathar visited SM Entertainment’s home, a large Korean agency that houses K-Pop artists such as Super Junior, NCT, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation. At that time, one of the artists who welcomed the arrival of the Rans Entertainment gang was Choi Siwon

This upload envies and amazes Indonesian celebrities. “Sultan Mah has no opponents,” wrote Andre Taulany through his @taulany_tv account. This is crazy … Speechless … So cool, said Irfan Hakim. Situs Ceme Terpercaya

Denny Cagur commented with hilarious writing. Is Siwon looking for Sadaab Noodles? he wrote, referring to instant noodles, starring Siwon. The word Mie Sadaab refers to Siwon’s chirping when he arrived in Jakarta, which then went viral. I went to a supermarket in Jakarta to buy Miesadaab.

Ways To Generate Funds With Out Taking A Private Loan

Ways To Generate Funds With Out Taking A Private Loan

Ways To Generate Funds With Out Taking A Private Loan – Obtaining a private mortgage may be nice, however don’t overlook that month-to-month fee that goes with it. In case you are unsure if you possibly can meet the month-to-month obligation of a private mortgage, don’t take the danger. This is particularly necessary if the one kind of non-public mortgage you might be eligible for is one that’s secured. A secured private mortgage means that you’ve got collateral connected to it. There are different methods to generate funds with out taking out a private mortgage. It is going to rely on the amount of cash you want. If nothing else, you could possibly give you a portion of the cash, lowering the quantity you could borrow.

Ways To Generate Funds With Out Taking A Private Loan

Considered one of the best is to borrow from a buddy or household member. However, solely accomplish that if they’re understanding of your scenario. If you should have a tough time repaying such a mortgage you then don’t need the connection to undergo. Parents are generally prepared to increase a mortgage with phrases which can be free relying on the child’s wants and the parent’s disposable revenue.

Consider promoting stuff you already personal to generate funds. This may be autos, property, and artwork work, something you could have of worth. You may also consider having a yard sale to earn some further cash. Every little bit you possibly can generate will aid you to keep away from taking out a private mortgage. Old books, particularly faculty books and CD’s promote nicely on the web public sale websites akin to Ebay and Yahoo Auctions.

Depending in your schedule, it could also be attainable for you to acquire some kind of labor as one other revenue supply. You’ll be able to do that briefly till you’ve saved up the funds you’re wanted. This may be engaged on the weekends or evenings at a retail or comfort retailer. You might even strive your hand at telemarketing. If you’re going to varsity consider tutoring or typing papers Situs Poker Terbaik 2020.

The web affords many employment alternatives that you are able to do from your private home. There are websites that permit you to generate profits by typing papers, conducting analysis, proofreading, and even transcribing. You are able to do as little or as a lot work as you’re involved in. The pay is superb as properly. However, there are some make money working from home scams on the market. Don’t join any such program that requires you to ship them cash or buy a begin up equipment.

For these of you who work together with many individuals socially, promoting Avon or Mary Kay merchandise may be a very simple solution to generate earnings. You merely go away books with involved folks and place their order for them. Both will be very worthwhile.

For many of us, merely reducing our bills can generate a substantial quantity on cash frequently. Consider switching to retailer model soaps and shampoos somewhat than identify manufacturers. Clip coupons and look ahead to retailer gross sales. Make a menu and stick with it. Only buy the gadgets in your grocery checklist. Carpool to work to chop down on the expense of gasoline and car upkeep. Make your espresso and lunch at dwelling reasonably than buying it. Eat your dinner at dwelling relatively than consuming out. If you happen to smoke or chew tobacco, give up. You’ll be amazed on the sum of money you’re in a position to avoid wasting once you now not buy such merchandise.

Applying of credit score must be executed so correctly. Rather than speeding out to use for a private mortgage, consider methods you possibly can generate extra revenue to cowl the expense by yourself. It won’t all the time be simple, however you’ll really feel higher understanding you completed the feat by yourself. Additionally, you will keep away from one other month-to-month fee that may lead you to monetary stress.

Women Claims at Woman International Day 2020

Women Claims at Woman International Day 2020 – A group of people from various backgrounds ranging from workers, students, activists to the elderly gathered in front of the Bawaslu office, Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta to take action to commemorate International Women’s Day or Woman International Day, March 8, 2020.

Women Claims

Pantau, a mass of action dominated by women, was flying a number of flags, posters, and even unfurled banners on the People’s Crossing Bridge (JPO) in front of Bawaslu.

In this year’s action, coordinator of the Women’s Movement for the commemoration of World Women’s Day 2020, Lini Zurlia said Women Claims Indonesian women this year would call for 6 demands addressed to the government, including:

  1. Complete cases of violence against women
  2. Build a comprehensive protection system for women
  3. Revoke gender discriminatory policies
  4. Pass the Bill on the Elimination of Sexual Violence and the Domestic Workers Protection Act
  5. Reject the omnibus law, RKUHP, Family Resilience Bill
  6. Stop the development agenda in favor of investors

Lini said the World Women’s Day action also highlighted the importance of systemic change to eliminate violence against women.

“Violence against women is systemic and we need systemic resistance as well, because we want systemic change. That is what we highlight,” he concluded

Referring to the previous year’s action, said Lini, this action was attended by around 5 to 6 thousand people.

Currently the mass of action is conducting a longmarch from in front of Bawaslu to the front of the State Palace, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara.

Google celebrates International Women’s Day with Google Doodles inspired by various groups involving women.

The annual event, which falls on March 8, is a global celebration of women’s social, economic and political achievements and serves to fight for women’s rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality. Bandar Ceme Paling Mudah Menang

On this Sunday (8/3/2020), Google celebrates with a special animated video designed to represent the history of the day.

Animation featuring layers of 3D paper, illustrated by artists residing in New York and London, Julie Wilkinson and Joyanne Horscroft Women Claims from Makerie Studio and animation by Zurich-based animators Marion Willam & Daphne Abderhalden from DRASTIK GmbH.

The middle layer of black-and-white 3D paper reflects women around the world during the late 1800s to 1930s in the midst of the labor movement, while the second layer depicts women from the 1950s to 1980s – the era behind gender equality and rapid changes to status quo.

Finally, the outer layers symbolize women from the 1990s to the present, in the context of the progress made from more than 100 years of the women’s rights movement.

“This is a tribute to breaking barriers from previous cultural and gender roles, because women continue to question, reclaim, and redefine the idea of ​​the role women take in society,” Google said as reported by the Independent page.

When women today stand on the shoulders of those who have struggled and made sacrifices in past generations, they also carry the legacy of the movement going forward. This is for women across sectors, industries, nations, ages and cultures, who persevere tirelessly to take responsibility together – paving the way for future generations, “Google wrote.

Speaking about the collaboration, the team at DRASTIK GmbH said that working on Doodles reminded them of the sacrifices made by women throughout history in the name of equality.

“There is so much thought put into each of the 35 characters and how they are placed in the mandala,” Google said.

“From this work of art, we are reminded of how women struggled and evolved through history so that we can live the free lives we live today. Without these women, the world would look much different, “Google explained.

The team from Makerie Studio agreed, adding that they hoped the animation gave people hope for the future and “insight into how far we’ve come”.

“We got a lot of inspiration from the history of International Women’s Day and its simple roots, showing how this movement has grown exponentially over the years,” Google said.

Lee Dong Wook Denies Joining the Shincheonji Church Heretical Stream

Lee Dong Wook was dragged into the rumors stating that he belonged to the Shincheonji church group. What was mention was a Christian fundamentalist sect in Korea that was reportedly responsible for spreading the corona virus in Daegu.

Base on the latest news, it was mention that 12 church executive members have been sued on charges of massive murder due to deliberate negligence. They ignored the government’s call to isolate themselves which made the spread of COVID-19 even worse in South Korea. Now, there have been more than 4 thousand people who tested positive for the corona virus. The number also increases every day.

Reporting from Soompi, a report states that there are a number of top Korean celebrities who are part of the Shincheonji religious group. One of those accused is Lee Dong Wook.

Rebuttal from the Agency

Knowing the rumors circulating, King Kong by Starship as the agency that overshadows Lee Dong Wook spoke up. Through an official statement, they strongly denied the care artist joined in the Shincheonji church group. No half-hearted, the agency is ready to deal with the authorities to punish those who have spread slander.

Recently, we have confirm the existence of false rumors being spread about our artists involve in special religions. In connection with this, we plan to take strong legal action against the spread of unfounded rumors, malicious slander, and defamatory comments. the good name of our artist. We will also take legal action against behaviors that spread or reproduce these rumors and damage the character and good name of our artists, the agency said, as quoted by Soompi.

Then they continued, Our agency will continue to actively monitor the situation so that further damage does not occur. We will do our best to protect our artists by taking strong, uncompromising legal actions. Thank you for loving and supporting our agency artist, he explained.

K-Netz reaction

Suddenly these rumors became the subject of public discussion in various online communities. Most of them are reluctant to believe that the actor is part of the Shincheonji religious group because there is no proof. While other K-Netz trying to find more information related to the list of celebrities associated with Shincheonji. Bandar Ceme 99

“Immediately take legal action. Don’t just say ‘no’. That’s because you just issued a statement without taking any action so that people feel comfortable stabbing the name of your care artist, “wrote a K-Netz in the online community Sports Donga via Nate.

“I really hope they don’t join. But if it’s true, everyone, even celebrities, need to be excluded from society, “said a K-Netz.

There is nothing we can do but wait and see what will happen. I can’t trust celebrities, said another K-Netz.

I’m sure the people who spread the list of celebrities who are members of Shincheonji are those who believe in Shincheonji. They want to promote their group by telling people that famous celebrities are also members in it, wrote a K-Netz.

Can we get the entire Shincheonji member list ?, said another K-Netz.

Meanwhile, rumors that say that there are a number of celebrities belonging to the Shincheonji religious group started from a post that was widespread on the internet. The post contained a list entitled ‘Famous Celebrities who Believe in Shincheonji’. Of the many names, Lee Dong Wook is one of them.

Pope Francis Confirms Corona Virus Negative

Pope Francis Confirms Corona Virus Negative

Pope Francis Confirms Corona Virus Negative – Some time ago it was rumored that the world ‘s high – ranking Catholic Pope Francis who lived in the Vatican contracted the Corona virus after visiting Italy some time ago.

Pope Francis Confirms Corona Virus Negative

The Vatican immediately conducted a series of tests on Pope Francis to ensure that he was well. It was proven that after the results the Pope only experienced the common cold.

The Vatican has confirmed and said that Pope Francis Negative Virus COVID-19 or Corona.

According to a Vatican spokesman, Matteo said that the world’s Catholic leaders only experienced the symptoms of the common cold and were not related to other viruses. But because of the flu and the news circulating, the Pope was forced to cancel a series of meetings.

For the first time from his papacy, Pope Francis canceled a Lent retreat on Sunday (1/3) because of a flu diagnosis.

After stopping a number of agendas, the Pope reportedly returned to his residence.

Previous news reported by central Italy that was plagued by Corona virus outbreaks, and on the other hand Satisfied health was declining and reportedly attacked by the flu poker online deposit pulsa.

The Indonesian Ambassador to the Vatican Holy See Agus Sriyono has confirmed to Vatican officials and no official said that the Pope was infected with Corona.

Then Agus said that the Pope had appeared and dismissed all the rumors circulating about him and said he was in good health.

Satisfied appearance from one of the study room windows overlooking St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican has proven that the Pope is in good health.

Indeed, as reported in the territory of Central Italy in a very large virus outbreak and has infected hundreds of victims of the Corona Virus and has a wide impact.