MotoGP Using The New Logo This Race Schedule Of The Season

Ahead of the start of the 2020 MotoGP match which will take place at the Losail International Circuit, Qatar, on the 9th of March, the organizers apparently have been updating.

This is indicated by the refreshing form of the new MotoGP writing font which is claimed to be the original, premium, and charismatic typographic identity for MotoGP.

Our goal is to reach out to fans and send the essence of MotoGP racing, investing resources in design, technology and communication. MotoGP is a global event that is broadcast to the world where the protagonists are racers, motorcycles, circuits and fans, MotoGP writes in MotoGP official broadcast, Thursday (02/27/2020).

Further explained that MotoGP uses various communication channels with a main focus on digital and TV platforms. It aims to capture the enthusiasm of MotoGP lovers and translate it into the form of letters that will be displayed.

New letters in the text and appearance of MotoGP are claimed to channel Moto GP values and essence of motorsport.

Design inspiration in creating it, comes from the layout and angle of the circuit. Start with the open and final shapes and the pointed diagonals that are connected with competition technical elements. Bobol Bandar Ceme

Having our own Moto GP typeface is the first step towards developing a new brand identity. The direction of our new typography provides a key component of our overall brand strategy, MotoGP writes.

As is known, this year’s game will present 20 racing series after Finland’s return. The 2020 season is said to be the longest season in Moto GP history.

Here is the complete schedule:

  • March 9, 2020: Qatar * Losail International Circuit
  • 22 March 2020: Thailand Chang International Circuit
  • April 5, 2020 : Americas Circuit of the Americas
  • 19 April 2020 : Republic Argentina Termas de Rio Hondo
  • May 3 2020: Spain Circuito de Jerez – Ángel Nieto
  • May 17, 2020: France Le Mans
  • 31 May 2020: Italy Autodromo del Mugello
  • 07 June 2020: Catalunya Barcelona – Catalunya
  • 21 June 2020: Germany Sachsenring
  • 28 June 2020: Netherlands TT Circuit Assen
  • 12 July 2020: Finland KymiRing
  • 09 Agusuts 2020: Czech Republic Automotodrom Brno
  • 16 August 2020: Austrian Red Bull Ring-Spielberg
  • 30 August 2020: Great Britain Silverstone
  • 13 September 2020: San Marino & Riviera at Rimini MWC Marco Simoncelli
  • October 4, 2020: Aragón MotorLand Aragón
  • 18 October 2020 Japan Twin Ring Motegi
  • 25 October 2020: Australia’s Philip Island
  • 01 November 2020: Malaysia Sepang International Circuit
  • 15 November 2020: Comunitat Valencian Comunitat Valencian-Ricardo Tormo

What Are The Rewards Of Autograph Collecting

What Are The Rewards Of Autograph Collecting

What Are The Rewards Of Autograph Collecting – Individuals are completely different as you realize. Sometimes what’s rewarding for you is just not rewarding for others. So it’s with autograph accumulating. Most persons are collectors of one thing. You could select to gather autographs – signed letters, paperwork, manuscripts, books, or pictures.

What Are The Rewards Of Autograph Collecting

Technology right this moment gives few alternatives for you to carry actually items of genuine historical past in your arms. Personal connections to the previous through autographs provide the distinctive satisfaction of being part of the previous. Autograph amassing for some will be extra than simply amassing. Let’s take a look at a few of the explanations you may want to gather autographs. Autograph accumulating for some is a stimulating and an attention-grabbing pastime. History data that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt usually turned to his autograph gathering as a diversion from the job of being president. Finding autographs is a sure option to study extra about individuals in whom you have an interest. Pursuing a interest of autograph accumulating might be very entertaining and fruitful. Some autographs are later given to household and pals as particular gifts for birthday, Christmas, graduation, wedding ceremony, and anniversary gifts.

The recipient will likely be delighted to obtain a effectively thought out present of an admired particular person of this nature. Autograph gathering might be an funding. You actually by no means know when you will discover that lengthy type after signature of a well-known particular person. Collectors take pleasure in looking for signatures from any and each movie star they will Poker IDN Online, however there are some collectors who get pleasure from a extra selective search and favor to gather the signatures of solely their favourite celebrities. Autograph accumulating has the ability to deliver moments previously to life and helps us to really feel part of historical past. You’re additionally in a position to really feel the presence of an individual and to share the experiences of that particular person. Signed images are particularly good at expressing joy, inspiration, and exultation. Collectors who’ve some handwriting experience could possibly get a greater understanding of a person’s signature than those that don’t.

It’s believed that signatures inform heaps concerning the interior individual. There are a lot of collectors who’re historical past buffs. These persons are fascinated about securing concrete proof of historical past. So a manuscript signed by a well-known particular person, particularly discovered at a yard sale or a flea market or the place ever is a treasurer discover. The discover might even be a signed image value 1000’s of dollars. Should you watch the public sale exhibits on Tv, you will note many signed artifacts people have purchased at out of the best way locations for little or nothing. Regardless of the place you discover them, they provide worthwhile insights into the ideas and aspirations of those that formed historical past. On the lookout for these treasures is why many individuals accumulate. It could also be the identical type of joy when your favourite workforce wins a recreation. There are collectors who acquire quite a lot of issues. Our current is outlined by our previous roots, and autograph accumulating preserves an necessary a part of our heritage.

Sweetened Drinks Rejected by businessmen but Supported by Doctors

Sweetened Drinks Rejected by businessmen but Supported by Doctors – The Ministry of Finance proposes the imposition of excise for sweet drinks as an effort to control diabetes and increase state revenue. This proposal received mixed reactions.

Sweetened Drinks Rejected

The Ministry of Health and the House of Representatives Commission XI expressed support as an effort to control diabetes and increase state revenue.

But a combination of food and beverage entrepreneurs refused because it would erode their income and have an impact on tax cuts of Rp700 billion.

Previously, the plan to impose excise tariffs on sweetened beverage products was conveyed by the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani, in a joint working meeting with the DPR’s Commission XI.

Sri Mulyani said that the proposal was based on the problem of diabetes which was the third leading cause of death in Indonesia with an estimated number of 10 million people. Bandar Ceme Bonus Deposit

“The prevalence of diabetes mellitus and obesity has almost doubled in the span of 11 years,” said Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani,

For sweetened drinks such as packaged tea, the excise tax will be charged at Rp1,500 per liter. While carbonated beverage products or soda and coffee concentrates reach Rp2,500 per liter.

The application of excise duty is only intended for manufacturers and importers. While small and medium businesses or home, will be excluded.

In Sri Mulyani’s calculation, if the proposal was granted, then the potential for state revenue could reach Rp6.25 trillion.

But the General Chairman of the Indonesian Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Association (Gapmmi), Adhi S Lukman, openly refused because it would erode their turnover. That means the country will lose tax revenue of around Rp700 billion.

Another thing is that the plan was not timely due to the economic slowdown.

Sweetened Drinks Rejected

“We regret that in the midst of a bad economic situation, it will add to the burden on industry,” Adhi S Lukman told the BBC on Thursday (20/02).

“Imposition of this excise will reduce sales and reduce state revenue because of the pph of the body, pph 21, and VAT will decrease dramatically. So that between the tax revenue and the reduction of other taxes, yes the tax reduction is greater,” he continued.

Gapmmi notes, there are at least six thousand medium and large companies and 1.6 million small businesses that produce sweet drinks and soda.

When referring to the data, he questioned the government’s intention to control diabetes in Indonesia. Because the imposition of excise tax is only directed at manufacturers whose numbers are smaller than those of small or home-based businesses.

“So this is seeking acceptance or controlling? If controlling, it’s not right because there are still 1.6 million,” he concluded.

In addition, large-scale entrepreneurs have slowly reduced or even replaced the sugar ingredients in their products so that it is good for health. In contrast to small businesses, he said.

“Medium and large businesses are making various efforts, for example reformulating using ingredients that are good for health and reducing the use of sugar.”

“For example the use of stevia as a substitute for low calorie sugar.”

In the Gapmmi calculation, the excise tax of Rp1,500 and Rp2,500 was too burdensome. He estimates, the selling price will increase by around 30% -40%.

“The carbonated bottled beverage assumes the price of Rp. 5,000, if added to the excise, the production price will increase by 40%. The price at the consumer will increase to Rp. 7,000 to Rp. 8,000.” Sweetened Drinks Rejected

Therefore, he will send a letter to the Ministry of Finance to discuss the issue in order to find a middle ground.

“Because we have never been invited to speak about the purpose of this excise. But we, if the government’s goal is to reduce obesity, we will support to educate and look for new materials.

Italy Closes Dozens of Cities Due to Virus Outbreaks

Italy Closes Dozens of Cities Due to Virus Outbreaks – Dozens of cities in northern Italy were closed after two people died, 79 others were infected with the corona virus in the past 24 hours.

The decision was made after the number of cases of infection increased, where sufferers had no direct connection with the source of the outbreak.

Schools, business centers, to restaurants in the Veneto Region and Lombardy were frozen with the government and also suspended mass and sports activities.

The Milan government, the business center as well as the capital of the Lombardy Region, also closed the government offices, reported the AP via CTV News on Saturday (2/22/2020).

The first corona virus victim died was Adriano Trevisan, a retired 78-year-old construction company owner.

Italy Closes Dozens of Cities Due to Virus Outbreaks

The father of three children breathed his last in Padua, Veneto Region, northern Italy, after being rushed there with other victims.

Then a few hours later, the second known death victim was a female patient in the Lombardy Region who was also in the northern region.

In addition to the victim died, the authority of the State of “Pizza” also reported a surge of 79 cases of infection, having previously announced at number 39.

Hundreds of residents and workers who made contact with 54 positive patients in Italy were immediately quarantined while waiting for their test results.

Civil defense forces immediately set up tents outside a closed hospital in Veneto, so that medical staff could be scanned.

In Codogno, the city that first identified the first patients in critical condition, the atmosphere looked like a ghost town with shops to restaurants that were closed.

Some people were seen coming out wearing masks, the most coveted item at the pharmacy after the virus with the official name Covid-19 was endemic.

The President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia, said the soaring case showed that the virus could spread like a cold.

Trying to point the finger at the first sufferer or connect it to China is of little use to ward off the plague.

“You can get it from anyone. We accept patients who don’t have any contact,” Zaia explained to the media crew.

He recounts Trevisan, where the first death victim showed no deadly symptoms when Covid-19 when diagnosed with pneumonia two weeks ago.

Trevisan is known to have no history of going to China or being in contact with patients before. So, initially he was not examined for the virus.

Francesca Russo, Head of the Veneto Health Service, said that Trevisan was only examined after the treatment of pneumonia given no results. However, it was too late.

Together with eight other infected victims, Trevisan is said to form a cluster (group) of infections in Vo’Euganeo, a city of 3,300 people.

Fortunately, Russo said, when Trevisan died, none of the medical staff who treated him contracted the corona virus. Bandar Ceme Terbaru

The first confirmed case came from Codogno, where the sufferer was a 39-year-old man whose identity was unknown.

He is said to have contracted from his friend, who had just returned from China on January 21, and played football, played three races, and had three meetings and dinner.

The Chief Minister of Lombardy Health and Welfare, Giulio Gallera said, his office had completed an examination of 250 samples.

There are still hundreds of others waiting to be processed, including the 39-year-old male colleague at the Unilever factory near Codogno.

“Given how contagious this is, there is a possibility that the number of victims will experience an increase,” Gallera explained in his press statement.

Both the central and regional authorities approved the rules for effectively locking 10 Lombardy cities around Lodi, southeast of Milan, after four cases on Friday (2/21/2020).

Even so, cities outside isolation such as Cremona, decided to carry out quarantine independently after reported cases of infection.

As a result of the outbreak of Covid-19, Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala announced that Inter Milan’s Serie A match with Sampdoria would be suspended.

Later in Bergamo, also in Lombardy, Mayor Giorgio Gori stated that the Atalanta Serie A match against Sassuolo and Verona against Cagliari were suspended.

Walking In New York

Walking In New York

Walking In New York – Business journey will be satisfying and a productive exercise. The steps you’re taking to guarantee your conferences are successful are the identical you’ll do again at your own home workplace. But they’re made extra advanced by the act of “taking your present on the road”. But generally the challenges of enterprise journey contain methods to handle your private affairs effectively and safely at the same time as you concentrate on your online business affairs.

Walking In New York

Business journey can take you to many alternative vacation spot environments. In the identical enterprise journey yr, you would end up on the beaches of Miami, within the exotic café’s of San Francisco or in a heavy city heart corresponding to Philadelphia or New York. As a enterprise traveler, your objective is to make your keep as uneventful as potential.

But companies journey will be harmful. Simply because you might be on the company expense account, that doesn’t imply that those that would victimize travelers will go you over. So it’s vital you could have a plan to guarantee your security in your travels. Probably one of the weak experiences you could have is discovering your self on foot in an city setting. Whether you might be simply taking a stroll or you end up on foot to return to your lodge, if that brief stroll happens after darkish or in a setting the place you’re feeling there could be a danger, it may be a really disconcerting feeling.

So it’s good to have some methods to take your self out of a threat class ought to you end up in that state of affairs. In my travels, I discovered myself in New York very often. New York is a city the place strolling from place to put is just not that unusual poker online bonus besar. So an skilled enterprise traveler gave me some good recommendation on find out how to stroll about in a city like New York and take away your self from hazard even earlier than it befalls you. The following pointers may be helpful in nearly any city metropolis on this planet. And when you’ve some good ideas about learn how to navigate such a scenario, your confidence degree goes up. A few of my friend’s suggestions included…

  • Don’t stare up. Don’t seem like vacationer by staring on the tall buildings. Walk like somebody who has been right here for years.
  • Don’t take out your wallet. Get to an indoor location to have a look at your wallet. Don’t give anybody a sign of the place your valuables are in your individual Walking New York.
  • Walk with intention. Walk as if you’re late for an appointment. Be in a rush and impatient with others on the road. Look barely irritated and in a rush. Don’t appear like a sufferer.
  • Don’t make eye contact. In an city setting, the others on the road should not folks to you. Don’t take a look at them or give them an opportunity to get your consideration. Look bored.
  • Keep an escape route. In case you are strolling on a sidewalk, you may stroll very near the road. Regulate the road itself. If you happen to sense the rush of an assailant, you possibly can sprint proper into site visitors and disrupt transferring autos. It’s assured that no mugger needs to perform his crime in that state of affairs.
  • Make a fuss. When you see a state of affairs evolving that may very well be harmful, create a stir on the road. Get in the course of the largest and noisiest scenario you’ll find or create. Noise and crowds frighten off assailants each time.

These are easy guidelines however they are often utilized in nearly any city setting you could encounter. So keep these tips tucked away. The second when grow to be helpful won’t announce itself. So if you’re able to stroll in New York, like a brand new Yorker, your capacity to remain out of hazard will repay.

Mandiri Owner Predicts Slowing Credit Growth Because of Corona Virus

Mandiri Owner Predicts Slowing Credit Growth Because of Corona Virus – President Director of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) Royke Tumilaar predicted that credit growth in semester 1 of 2020 will slow down. One reason is because of the spread of the corona virus.

“The first semester will definitely slow down, I’m sure because of this incident, we are concerned with this corona will definitely have an impact (impact),” Royke said when met at his Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/2/2020).

Mandiri Owner Predicts Slowing

Royke said, the sector most affected by the spread of the corona virus was the tourism sector. While Bank Mandiri said he, has a number of credit portfolios in the tourism sector. Mandiri Owner Predicts Slowing

“What is certain is that the tourism sector has been hit, the airline sector has been hit, we are about portfolios and we have not talked about such raw materials from China, the factories must have been hampered to produce,” he said.

“Then if the factory slows down purchasing power, what is the company’s ability to expand, it’s not easy to see the study. But there must be an impact, credit growth is rather slow in the beginning,” added Royke.

So he estimates that the potential for non-performing loans or Bank Mandiri Non-Performing Loans (NPL) due to the corona virus will reach 0.2 to 0.3 percent.

“We simulate that if corona may take up to 6 months, there must be an increase in NPL of 0.2 – 0.3 percent,” he said. Bandar Ceme Bonus New Member

Even so, Royke remains optimistic that the spread of the corona virus will stop more quickly, so that all economic activities will return to normal.

“I’m still optimistic, huh. Throughout this corona, it can end quickly,” he concluded.

Corona virus outbreak that has spread to 28 countries in the world threatens the global economy. South Korean product exports to a number of countries have declined since the corona virus broke out, so stimulus is needed to boost the economy. A number of international institutions are revising the prospects for South Korea’s economic growth. Moody’s Investor Service cut the ginseng country’s economic growth forecast from 2.1% to 1.9% by 2020.

JP Morgan also revised the South Korean economic growth projection of 0.1% to 2.2%. Moon stressed the importance of preventive and gradual steps so that his country regained momentum of economic growth. The use of emergency funds to respond to the corona virus pandemic (Covid-19) is the first step in using the government budget to overcome this problem. “To respond to economic emergencies, I want you to issue policies that go beyond expectations and there are no limits to those policies,” Moon said.

Corona Virus, Alibaba Offers Cheap Credit of IDR 40 Trillion

Corona Virus, Alibaba Offers Cheap Credit of IDR 40 Trillion – Alibaba Group Holdings (BABA.N) announced that it would offer loans of 20 billion yuan or IDR 40 trillion to companies in China, which were affected by the Corona outbreak.

The loan, offered on Monday through the affiliate unit MYBank Ant Financial, is a special opportunity for companies operating in Hubei Province. The province has been the center of the spread of the Corona virus outbreak since December 2019.

Funds of 10 billion yuan will lent to companies in Hubei Province. The company will get a loan for one year with a zero percent interest rate for the first three months and a 20% discount from the normal level for the remaining nine months.

Corona Virus, Alibaba Offers Cheap Credit of IDR 40 Trillion

“Companies throughout China can also get access to another 10 billion yuan in loans for one year at a 20% discount,” Reuters reported on Monday, February 17, 2020.

Alibaba Group Management also announced it would waive platform fees for traders in the Tmall online market for the first six months of 2020.

Management also prepared a fund of 1 billion yuan or Rp 2 trillion to support restaurants, logistics, and supply companies. 99 Bandar

Regulators in China have urged banks there to reduce interest rates and provide loans to companies affected by the plague. The Chinese central bank has also added liquidity in the banking industry by around Rp2,400 trillion.

Workers began entering offices and factories in China on Monday this week after the government relaxed restrictions on working hours to prevent the spread of the Corona virus outbreak.

This Corona virus, as reported by SCMP, has claimed as many as 1.873 lives and infected victims as many as 73,429 people in 25 countries with the majority located in China. Five of the dead were in other countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, France and the Philippines.

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way – The government and telecommunications operators are trying to block the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) for black market mobile phones (BM) today (18/2/2020). This rule applies in full on 18 April 2020.

This trial aims to assess the readiness of operators in operating the control system of cellular devices through IMEI.

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

Check Your IMEI of Your Cellphone This Way

“The plan is that on February 18 the results will be immediately presented to the Minister of Communication and Information (Johnny Plate),” said Director of Standardization of Information and Communication Equipment Post and Information Technology Mochamad Hadiyana, last week.

Mohchammad Hadiyana added that the trial was conducted using a dummy sample. So no illegal cellphones will be blocked. Because the IMEI rules will be in full effect on 18 April 2020.

“So it does not make the device that has been used by the user community as a test object,” he explained.

IMEI is actually a special identification number issued by the GSM Association for each GSM card slot issued by the cellphone manufacturer. Each cellphone has an IMEI number that identifies the cellphone, and is for blocking black market phones.

To find out or check whether our cellphone is illegal or not, here’s how:

Check IMEI directly from mobile. You do this by typing * # 06 # or tap Settings -> About Phone -> Status -> IMEI Information. IMEI numbers can also be found on the back of a cellphone or near a smartphone battery.

Enter the 15 digit IMEI number into the site. Usually two choices will appear. Namely, IMEI has been registered in the Ministry of Industry database or IMEI not registered in the Ministry of Industry database.

IMEI itself is a 15 digit international identity number taken from the eight digit Type Allocation Code from the Global System for Mobile Association (GSMA) to identify telecommunications equipment and devices connected to cellular networks.

Because of its unique nature, each device has a different IMEI. The identity number can be said to be official if the user has a warranty card from the manufacturer, has an Indonesian language manual, and is registered in the TPP (Product Registration Certificate) import.

Whether or not registered with IMEI at TPP can be checked through the Ministry of Industry website and SDPPI certificate ownership.

Now, users can review the IMEI of their cellphone / tablet in the device box. If the cardboard has been lost, the IMEI number can also be checked via * # 06 # on the cellphone. agen poker online indonesia

After that, users can input the IMEI number listed on the screen to the Ministry of Industry website. If registered, the site will display the words ‘IMEI registered in the Ministry of Industry database’ and vice versa.

Waiting For Your Private Home Made Beer Is The Toughest

Made Beer

Waiting For Your Private Home Made Beer Is The Toughest – The rock music artist Tom Petty had successful track that went, “The ready is the toughest half”. And on the subject of brewing your personal beer, perhaps essentially the most troublesome step of all of them is the fermentation and aging course of. In spite of everything, the steps main as much as the time if you anticipate beer to mature is stuffed with exercise. From procuring for brand new tools and elements, to cleansing and preparation to boiling the wort to cooling and making ready for fermentation, it’s a enjoyable course of. And that’s what you need from an awesome passion.

Waiting For Your Private Home Made Beer Is The Toughest

But after getting used all your expertise (to this point) to make an excellent wort that is able to ferment and age, storing and ready for that course of to complete appears to take without end. If that is one among your first batches or should you tried a brand new grain or hops, you’re wanting to see how good the beer will style. And you might be wanting to serve ice chilly residence made bir to pals and household. But you additionally know that in case you break in and interrupt the method too quickly, the beer you drink can be unsatisfactory and never practically as wealthy and flavorful as how it will likely be when the aging course of is completed. So that you wait, typically impatiently.

One option to proceed having fun with the “enjoyable half” of dwelling brewing is to have contemporary batches of bir in manufacturing every week. Should you went that route, you’ll finally find yourself with lots of beer in varied levels of fermentation and aging and you’ll have up to now and mark the storage bottles so you realize which beer is prepared to make use of and which wants extra time to achieve maturity. And when you think about that a median minimal measurement of a house beer brewing cycle leads to 5 gallons of beer, that may imply you should have a whole lot of completed beer round except you may have an enormous viewers of beer drinkers that will help you drink up the stuff.

The time between when beer is bottled after the brewing course of is full till it is able to style may be anyplace from six weeks to six months in the event you embrace each fermentation and aging. The precise aging course of is fairly fascinating and understanding it helps you develop endurance for nature to take its course. During fermentation, the yeast will work to vary the construction of the sugar that was a part of the brewing course of. Because the fermentation continues, carbon dioxide is created and this offers your beer that bubbly high quality that’s a giant a part of the enchantment of the beverage daftar poker online terpercaya.

It’s value it to let the method naturally cure the beer so these undesirable byproducts naturally work their approach out of the completed product. It does take a variety of persistence to be a brewer, even a house brewer as a result of permitting the aging course of to supply excellent beer might take over a month and even longer. But this ready is simply as a lot an element of constructing nice beer because the boiling and fermenting so it’s important to nurture the affected person facet of your self to get an awesome consequence.

Versus maybe your impression earlier than you grew to become a house brewer, you won’t retailer the beer within the refrigerator throughout this section as a result of colder temperatures truly cease the fermentation course of. That’s the reason you retain milk in there.

Instead plan to arrange a “fermentation room” that wills keep at a continuing cool temperature between sixty five and seventy five levels any time of the 12 months. This must be a room the place you’ll be able to obtain some temperature management so the beer stays in a stable atmosphere to succeed in an ideal taste. It’s also a room you will not really feel the necessity to go to and interrupt the fermentation course of. You may draw among the beer out as early as four weeks from the beginning of fermentation. But for the absolute best style on your beer, it’s best to give this course of two to 4 months for enough aging.

Kridosono Stadium Affected by Strong Winds

Kridosono Stadium Affected by Strong Winds – After the rain accompanied by strong winds that hit Yogyakarta. Kridosono Stadium was reportedly affected. The stadium, which is located in Kotabaru Village, Gondokusuman District, Yogyakarta City, is known to be the JogjaROCKarta venue, as before.

Kridosono Stadium Affected

Even though the walls have collapsed, Kridosono Stadium will still be the location of a music festival that is often awaited by the fans of this rock genre. This was stated by Marketing and Communication JogjaROCKAarta Ovie Ermawati.

“Stay at the Kridosono Stadium according to the initial plan,” Ovie said, contacted by, Friday night.

Just like the location, the concert time will also not be shifted, in accordance with the schedule that has been planned in advance.

Touched about the anticipation of the JogjaROCKarta committee on the potential for rain, Ovie said, it had no problem. It’s just that he hoped, there were no strong winds during the event.

“Hopefully the day of the day will run smoothly, no rain and strong winds like today. Even if the rain drops a little, we think rock music is not a problem, the audience is getting more and more exciting while moshing [action banging the body during a concert] hehe,” explained Ovie.

JogjaROCKarta will be held again in 2020, precisely on Sunday, March 1, starting at 16.00 WIB. After successfully bringing Extreme and Power Trip in the previous year, at JogjaROCKarta 2020, there will be a legendary rock band Scorpions and Whitesnake who are ready to entertain rock music lovers at Kridosono Stadium.

Reported earlier, rain accompanied by strong winds hit most of Yogyakarta. The impact, not only fallen trees, the walls of the Kridosono Stadium and the parking area of ​​the Bethesda Hospital also reportedly collapsed. MenangCeme

This news began to be known to the public after the official account @JogjaUpdate shared a video of the condition of the wall that collapsed on Twitter. Nevertheless, until Friday night around 19:00 IWST, BPBD DIY claimed that they had not received data about the impact on the walls of the Kridosono Stadium after strong winds occurred.

“In the Kridosono Stadium, while there is only information on fallen trees, while in Bethesda, we have not received official information from the hospital, but have heard the news,” said Eko, BPBD DIY officer via telephone